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Will of Chiang Kai-shek  (1975) 
by Chin Hsiao-yi, translated from Chinese by Wikisource
Chiang Kai-shek died on April 5, 1975 without leaving a will. The will below was ghost-written by Chin Hsiao-yi (秦孝儀, 1921-2007), and with the phrase "Jesus Christ" inserted by Madame Chiang Kai-shek. The will was published in Page 2 of No. 2869 of the Presidential Office Gazette on April 7, 1975 and is prominently displayed at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

I have since my formative years followed Dr. Sun Yat-sen, our Founding Father, in carrying out the National Revolution. I have at all times considered myself a disciple of Jesus Christ and a follower of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. There has not been a day in which I did not struggle with perseverance to remove obstacles to the fulfillment of the Three Principles of the People and to establish a democratic and constitutional nation. For the last twenty years and more, our bastion of freedom has become ever sounder and stronger and we have incessantly conducted political warfare against the evils of Communism of the Chinese mainland. Knowing that our great undertakings against Communist and for national recovery are steadily gaining in momentum, civilians and soldiers of the nation and comrades of the party should never be so overcome by my passing as to lose their combat determination. I earnestly hope that you will wholeheartedly unite as one, follow of command of the party and government, consider the three principles as your spiritual leader and make national recovery your common goal. Comrades and compatriots! If you do so, my spirit will always be with you. My lifelong goals have been to realize the Three Principles, recover the mainland, rejuvenate our national culture and remain in the democratic camp. These goals also express the revolutionary aims and combat determination of all our compatriots at home and abroad, civilian and military alike. I hope you will persevere in the fall of all adversities and brace yourself for the great tasks ahead. Never stop until you have carried out your responsibilities for National Revolution! Be diligent and courageous. Do not be indolent and neglect your duty!

March 29, 1975

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