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Yututunese Yuhahaha
by Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, translated from Serbian by Wikisource
549010Yututunese YuhahahaJovan Jovanovic Zmaj

Yututunese Yuhahaha

In the land of Yutututu
Thirteenth king called Balakaha
Gave a promise to his people
That he'll give them yuhahaha.

They just need be faithful to him,
Go to war with their own food,
And then shut their mouths and eyes,
and must pay their yuhuhood.

Obedient Yututunese,
They were paying yuhuhood,
Mouths and eyes were firmly shut,
They went to war with their food.

In the spring of every year,
On a hill climbs Balakaha,
And then he shouts thunderously:
You will get your yuhahaha!

The king's lungs are very strong,
A loud man is Balakaha,
When he shouts the hills then echo -
Yuhahaha, haha, haha!

Then loud laughter fills the country,
Everyone is shaking from it,
And of laughter, heavy laughter,
Stomach hurts even the king.

And what is so funny to them?
Is it maybe Balakaha?
Or mayhaps are Yututunese?
Or maybe it's yuhahaha?

All three of them are quite funny,
Most of all is Balakaha,
When so solemn and with grace,
He says his word: yuhahaha!

Happy people, Yututunese,
And so is king Balakaha,
When so pleased he can make them
By an empty word: yuhahaha!

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