Translation of an excerpt from the "Hilya-i Sharifa"

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Excerpt from "Hilya-i Sharifa" (Hilye-i Şerif) of Mehmet Hakani (d. 1606).

Source: A History of Ottoman poetry, Volume 3. By Elias John Wilkinson Gibb (1857–1901). Luzac, 1904 (Google Books).

Translation of the section on the detail 'bright of blee':

All of the folk hereon agree,
That the Pride of the World[1] was bright of blee,
Full sheen was the radiance of his face,
His cheeks were lustrous with lustre's grace.
One of heart with the rose was his face's hue;
Like the rose, unto ruddiness it drew.
Yeled his face in the light of delight,
'Twas the Chapter of Light[2] of the dawn of light.
The scripture of beauty was that fair face;
The down on his cheek was the verse of grace.
Shamed by his visage bright as day,
Life's Fountain hid in the dark away.[3]
Well may the comrades of joyance call:
'The sheen of his visage conquers all!'
Yon radiant face shone in the sky,
The light of the harem-feast on high.
The Portrait-painter of Nature gave
Thereto all beauty that man may have.
When the sweat upon that Sultan stood
He was forsoth like the rose bedewed.[4]


^1  The Pride of the World is a title of Muhammad
^2  Sura XXIV of the Koran is called the Chapter of Light
^2  Another allusion to the myth of the Fountain of Life in the Dark Land, which has been interwoven with the Alexander Legend.
^4  The blushing cheek studded with perspiration is sometimes compared to a dew-sprent rose.