Treaty of Lisbon/Article 1 - Treaty on European Union/Article 16

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33) The text of Article 16, with the amendments set out in point 35 below, shall become Article 17a. The text of Article 22, with the following amendments, shall become Article 16:

(a) in paragraph 1, the words "Any Member State or the Commission may refer to the Council any question relating to the common foreign and security policy" shall be replaced by "Any Member State, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, or the High Representative with the Commission's support, may refer any question relating to the common foreign and security policy to the Council" and the words "submit proposals to the Council" shall be replaced by "submit to it initiatives or proposals as appropriate";

(b) in paragraph 2, the words "the Presidency, of its own motion," shall be replaced by "the High Representative, of his or her own motion" and the words ", or at the request of the Commission or a Member State," shall be replaced by ", or at the request of a Member State,".