Treaty of Orebro (Britain and Sweden)

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His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and His Majesty the King of Sweden, being equally animated with the desire of re-establishing the ancient relations of friendship and good understanding between the 2 Crowns, and between their respective States, have named for this purpose their Plenipotentiaries; that is to say,

Britain and Ireland, Edward Thornton, Esquire; and His Majesty the King of Sweden, Lawrence Baron d'Engeström, one of the Nobles of the Kingdom of Sweden, Minister of State and of Foreign Affairs, Chancellor of the University of Lund, Knight and Commander of the Orders of the King, Knight of the Royal Order of Charles the Thirteenth, Grand Eagle of the Legion of Honour of France; and Gustavus Baron de Wetterstedt, Chancellor of the Court, Commander of the Order of the Polar Star, one of the Eighteen Members of the Swedish Academy;

Which Plenipotentiaries, after having exchanged their Full Powers, drawn up in full and due form, have agreed upon the following Articles:

Art. I. There shall be between Their Majesties the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the King of Sweden, their heirs and successors, and between their Subjects, Kingdoms, and respective States, a firm, true, and inviolable Peace, and a sincere and perfect union and friendship, so that from this moment every cause of misunderstanding, which may have existed between them, shall be regarded as entirely ceasing and done away.

II. The relations of friendship and commerce between the 2 Kingdoms, shall be re-established upon the footing on which they stood on the 1st day of January, 1791; and all the Treaties and Conventions subsisting between the 2 Countries at that epoch, shall be regarded as renewed and confirmed, and they are, by the present Treaty, renewed and confirmed accordingly.

III. If in resentment of the present pacification, and the re-establishment of good understanding between the 2 Countries, any Power whatsoever shall make war upon Sweden, His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland engages to take measures, in concert with His Majesty the King of Sweden, for the security and independence of his States.

IV. The present Treaty shall be ratified by the 2 High Contracting Parties, and the Ratifications shall be exchanged within 6 weeks, or sooner, if possible.

In faith whereof, we the Undersigned, in virtue of our Full Powers, have signed the present Treaty, and have fixed thereto the Seal of our Arms.

Done at Orebro, the 18th day of the month of July, in the year of our Lord 1812.[1]



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