Trespassers in Parks Act 1235

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PROVISIONES DE MERTON. Statutes made at Merton in Crastino Sancti Vincentii (scil. 23. Jan.) Anno 20 HEN. III. and Ann. Dom. 1235.

Trespassers in Parks Act 1235

1235 (20 Hen. 3) C A P. XI.

IT was provided in the Court of our Lord the King, holden at Merton on Wednesday the morrow after the Feast of St. Vincent, the 20th Year of the Reign of King HENRY the Son of King JOHN, before William * Archbishop of Canterbury, and other his Bishops and Suffragans, and before the greater part of the Earls and Barons of England, there being assembled for the Coronation of the said King, and Hellianor the Queen, about which they were all called, where it was treated for the Commonwealth of the Realm upon the Articles underwritten, thus it was provided and granted, as well of the foresaid Archbishops, Bishops, Earls, and Barons, as of the King himself and others."

Lords shall not imprison Offenders at their own Wills for Trespasses in their Parks and Ponds.

Concerning Trespasses in Parks and Ponds it is not yet discussed; for the Lords demanded the proper Imprisonment of such as they should take in their Parks and Ponds, which the King denied; whereof it was deferred.'

2 Inst. 100.

By 3 Ed. 1. c. 20. Malefactors in Parks and Ponds may be punished by three Years Imprisonment. By 21 Ed. 1. stat. 2. Malefactors in Forests, Parks, &c. may be killed, if they will not stand to the King's Peace. By 1 H. 7. c. 7. bunting in disguise in Parks is Felony. 3 W. & M. c. 10. § 5. extends the Law against Deer-stealers to inclosed Grounds where Deer are kept. And 4 & 5 W.& M. c. 28. § 4. to Lords of Manors and Game-keepers, who may appose Persons in the Night.

Note : this act is listed in the Chronological Table of Statutes as the Trespassers in Parks Act, 1235

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