Trojan Women (Murray 1905)/Characters

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The Trojan Women of Euripides  (1905)  by Euripides, translated by Gilbert Murray


The God Poseidon.

The Goddess Pallas Athena.

Hecuba, Queen of Troy, wife of Priam, mother of Hector and Paris.

Cassandra, daughter of Hecuba, a prophetess.

Andromache, wife of Hector, Prince of Troy.

Helen, wife of Menelaüs, King of Sparta; carried off by Paris, Prince of Troy.

Talthybius, Herald of the Greeks.

Menelaus, King of Sparta, and, together with his brother Agamemnon, General of the Greeks.

Soldiers attendant on Talthybius and Menelaus.

Chorus of Captive Trojan Women, young and old, maiden and married.

The Troädes was first acted in the year 415 B.C. "The first prize was won by Xenocles, whoever he may have been, with the four plays Oedipus, Lycaön, Bacchae and Athamas, a Satyr-play. The second by Euripides with the Alexander, Palamêdês, Troädes and Sisyphus, a Satyr-play."—Aelian, Varia Historia, ii. 8.