True Christian love

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True Christian love.  (1745) 



L O V E.

To be ſung with any of the common Tunes
of the Pſalms.

COLOSS. iii. 16.

Let the word of Chriſt dwell in you richly, in all
Wiſdom, teaching and admoniſhing one another
in Pſalms and Hymns, and ſpiritual Songs,
ſinging with Grace in your Hearts to the

1 Pet. i 8. Whom having not ſeen, ye Love;
in whom though how ye ſee him not, yet believ-
ing, ye rejoice with joy unſpeakable, and full
of Glory

Written by the late Reverend and learned Mr.
DAVID DICKSON, ſome time Miniſter of
the Goſpel at Irvine, afterwards Profeſſor of
Divinity in the Univerſity of EDINBURGH.

To which is added, Hony Drops, or, Chryſtal
Streams flowing from Chriſt the Fountain and
Head thereof


Printed for, and ſold by JAMES MEWROSS,

Book-ſeller in Kilmarnock. MDCC,XLV.



Since CHRIST's fair Truth craves no Mans Art
Take this rude Song in better Part.



I Have a Heart for Love
I cannot chooſe but have:
A Love that can give full content,
the leaſt as I can crave.
I want not Suiters, and they all Pſal.4. 6, 7.
have Agents ſtill with me.
Who promiſe that which I do ſeek; 1 John 2.
but ſure I know they lie. 15, 16, 17.
Though Honour heght to lift me up,
and Mammon me to ſerve;
Yet their Attendants skars me not, 1 Tim. 6. 7.
nor makes my Heart to ſwerve.
Pale Fear, dusk Envy, Care and Toil,
with other ill-hew'd Wights.
Wait for my Service if I need,
their Maſters, O what ſights.
The only thing like to prevail,
was matcht unto my mind:
When Fancy buskt my Party with Eccleſ. 1, 2,
Perfections of each Kind.
But now I ſee that Fancy is
not real as it ſeems:
No earthly Love can give content:
all Loves bur Chriſt are Dreams.
Then why want I contenting Love,
ſince Chriſt's love may be had:
In whom is all that I do ſeek,
or can be thought or ſaid?
What other Loves do ſeem to have,
is truly in him found:
The ſcattered Beauties of them all, Cant. 5. 10.
in him art jointly bound.
What they do lack and cannot have,
becauſe they finit be:
'Tis infinite in him, it ſtands
for ever ſtill: O he,
He, he, is only worthy Love,
and nothing elſe but he:
Alas; that Vanity ſo long
hath ſo bewitched me.
Why heard I flatt'ring Idols Words?
why did I parly keep?
Why ſuffered I Affliction
to ſing me ſo aſleep?
How went I on ſo fooliſhly, Pſal. 77. 22.
and kept ſo oft their tryſt,
As if falſe Loves could be found true,
and had no mind of Chriſt?
No, not when Chriſt was ſuiting me,
and they found oft untrue:
I ſtack ſtill in the bonds, and could
my ſelf no ways reſcue.
Yet good and wiſe Lord Jeſus Chriſt, Pſal. 73. 23.
did ſtill purſue my Love:
He knew, though I refus'd my Heart
was his, he could me move.
And now 'ris done, my Love is thine, Cant. 8. 4.
Lord Jeſus, come receive
This whoriſh Heart, and ſuffer not
my Soul hence to deceive.
There ſhall my Suitters all me ſerve,
bnt thou my Love ſhalt be
They ſhall be mine, not I theirs, elſe
they ſhall not follow me.
Thus ſhall I have Advantage twice,
and bleſt ſhall be my Lot:
I'll get my Lovers Goods and Love
above theirs, well I wot.
A Love that will not me deſpiſe,
though I unworthy be.
Though vile and loathſome, yet will he Can. 15. 1.
not loath, but pity me. Ezek. 16.
Though fickle I, he will not change, 5. 6.
his conſtancy is known: Mal. 3. 6.
Of change no ſhadow is with him, James 1.
he loves for ay his own. 17.
When I for want of Wit and Strength Job. 13.15.
offend, and do confeſs: Pſal. 103
He will not chide, but pardon me 8. 9.
my Faults both more and leſs.
He will not charge upon me lay, 1 Cor. 10.
more than I may well bear: 16.
But will my Burthens, as I need
ſupport: I do not fear.
No Wrath at others will cauſe him Hab. 3. 25.
unpleaſant be to me:
No flanderer will get his Ear,
to hear of me a Lie.
He will not miſconſtruct my Words, Iſa. 17. 45.
he will not angry be:
Nor fret without a Cauſe, nor frown, Pſal 103. 5.
nor fitch a Fault falſly:
Nor mark my ways to narrowly, 1 Pet. 4. 9.
as nothing to paſs by,
His Love will hide my Sin in Love,
Faith ſafely may rely
He will not waſte his Heritage,
nor will himſelf diſgrace:
No Foes can hurt him, and their Spite Pſal. 89. 22.
he turns upon their Face.
His Love to other Saints ſhall not John 13.
work prejudice to me,
More then the Suns light unto all,
doth hinder me to ſee.
No cauſleſs jealouſie will vex
at any Time his Mind:
But if he ſee my Heart go wrong, Iſa. 30. 21.
I know he is ſo kind, Rev. 2. 19.
As to admoniſh and rebuke,
and chaſten if it need;
Bnd ſo me ſave from periſhing,
too oft deſerv'd indeed.
If I be ſad, he will be loath Gen. 12. 3.
yet more to vex my Heart:
If any other will do ſo, Num. 24. 9.
'gainſt them he'll take my Part.
And thoſe that grieve me, he will grieve.
and curſe them more and leſs
That curſeth me ſo will he thoſe
that bleſs me ſurely bleſs.
If trouble ſet about me round, Joh. 5. 29.
he will not me forſake, Pſal. 61. 15.
Nor leave me comfortleſs alone,
but pity on me take.
And if he hide his Face a while, Pet. 13. 17.
as wiſdom oft requires,
Hedoth but exerciſe my Faith, James 1. 2.
and ſharpen my Deſires.
And if he ſeem to ſtay well long,
that I become ſo dead,
As I can neither ſay nor ſing,
nor meditate, nor read:
Nor do ought elſe that might aſſwage,
hearts pangs in ſuch a Caſe:
But ſigh and droop, and hand my Head,
long looking for his Grace.
Utt'ring but broken Words or none,
perplext with thoughts confus'd;
Suggeſtions whiſper all the while,
as if I were refus'd.
Yet ſtill his gracious Hand doth me John 5. 14.
ſupport with ſecret Strength,
And makes me in theſe deeps not drawn Iſa. 23. 2.
but brings me through at length.
Mean time he keeps my ſcattred Words, Pſal. 56. 8.
and failing thoſe my Tears:
In Books and Bottles, and takes courſe
to rid me out of fears.
And ſailing both my Words and Tears,
he marks each woful Groan:
And ſailing thoſe my Sighs, and all
the Parcels of my Moan.
Yea when I ſit aſtoniſhed, Pſal. 120. 2.
my lifted Hands and Looks
Speaks all my mind to him, as if
it written were in Books.
For he doth ſearch the Heart and know
what is the Spirits mind:
And as its ſit gives anſwer to
need's cry in every kind.
And look how ſharp theſe Tryals are,
their Fruit is far more ſweet:
His Countenance compenſeth all, Rom. 8. 17.
with one blink when we meet. Pſal. 20. 5.
For he doth make my Heart more glad, Pſal. 4. 7.
then any Tongue can tell. Pſal. 34. 21.
Though Grief was great,yet joy is now Pſal. 76.
more ſweet than Grief was fell to verſe.
For judge ye whoſoever felt
what weight in Sin, what Grief,
In mind oppreſt what anguiſh is,
when Soul ſees no Relief.
What Torments in perplexity,
what horror in Gon's wrath;
What Hell is fear'd Eternity,
at looſing of his Breath.
And preſuppone a Soul were ſure
to dwell at laſt above
In Heaven with Chriſt, yet know ye not Prov. 13. 12.
what langor is in Love: Pſal. 22. 42.
What Sickneſs in deferred Hopes, Pſal, 11. 63.
what Battle without Foe? 24. and 7. 8.
What trouble when God hides his face
and ſeems us to forgo.
Now judge again, when weights are lift
Grief, anguiſh, torments gone:
For Wrath, Death, Hell, Eternity,
of Fear now there is none.
But in their Place the Heart lift up,
Life, Light and Reſt is come:
Felt love, peace, victory, hearts-health,
and Chriſt's Sp'rit all in Sum.
Judge when our much provoked Lord,
himſelf ſhows reconcil'd,
If with the joy that then is felt,
a Heart may not be fill'd.
Now what can others Love do here,
to Souls in ſuch a Caſe.
But add more Grief and make the vail John 15. 13.
more thick to hide Chriſt's Face:
Then other Loves all get you gone,
or elſe take Servants Place:
Too hard Conditions were to me,
for you to quite his Face.
For one Hour's joy in him is more, Pſal. 64. 10,
though mixt with dririe Tears,
Then all earth's honour, pleaſure, wealth,
can yield in many Years.
Now let me reſt and rouſe my Love, Pſal. 116. 72
who firſt me lovd, and chus'd,
And long call'd for my worthleſs love, Gal. 2. 20.
and would not be refus'd.
I'll ſeek his Love as he ſought mine,
and learn of him to Love,
Since he invites I cannot miſs,
though while he ſhall me prove.
My love is Fathers eldeſt Son,
his Father, King of Kings: John 2. 18.
His heritage is Heaven and Earth,
and in them both all things. Dan. 2. 47.
His Wiſdom laid the World round, Pſal. 2. 8,
and parted Sea and Land, Heb. 1, 2.
Earths body through, as veins he drew Prov. 8. 22.
the Waters with his Hand. &c.
He made the Sun and Stars ſo ſwift,
yet not be ſeen to move,
Left Men on Earth had vexed been
with Motions from above.
His Strength upholds this weighty Globe,
and yet which is far more,
He bare our Sins and heavy Wrath,
deferv'd of us therefore.
For truth Gods promiſes in him 2 Cor. 1. 20.
are all, yea, and Amen: Rom. 5. 8.
For Love, his Death for us a Proof,
ſufficient hath been.
For Juſtice, he can do no wrong,
for Mercy, there is none,
Or ſhall in Hell be, who have ſought
for Grace through him alone.
Moſt lofty and moſt lowly Mind, Deut. 2. 31.
moſt good and moſt ſevere. 4.
Moſt lovely, and moſt terrible, Iſa 57. 15.
do all in him co-here. Mat, 11. 29.
The meekeſt Lamb to all his Friends,
a Lion to his Foes.
He gives his Peace to all that comes,
wrath follows all that goes.
No Foe can ſtand before his Face,
no Fugitive can flee,
No lurking hole can hide from him, Mal. 2. 2.
his Eyes do all things ſee. Pſal. 139. 8.
Almighty all where preſent, though 7, 10, 11, 12.
his Body Heaven contain. Rev. 4. 7.
Eternal God, though he as Man, Mat. 28. 20.
Man's Property retain.
No robb'ry for his Majeſty
his Fathers match to be,
The FathersGod-head & the Sprit's,
and his are one all three.
Therefore when I do love the Son, Phil. 2. 6.
I love the Father too, 1 John 5.7.
And ſo the Sp'rit, who dwels in him,
to all I worſhip do.
He is the Tree of Life to me. Gen. 3. 22.
and ſo to all his own. ibid. 24.
No fiery Sword debars us now, John 5.
all we for Friends are known. 14. 15.
In him my Sabbath is begun, Gen. 2. 32.
he teacheth me to ceaſe, Heb. 4. 10.
From mine own Works and lead me to Gen. 2. 10.
his reſt, by ſteps of Peace.
Flood branch'd in four to water all
new Plants of Paradiſe,
Redeem'd, and holy, making them,
and righteous, and wiſe.
Though we have ſain him, yet his blood
ſpeaks better things for us,
Then Abel's crying Curſe: but his Gen. 1. 14.
cryes, Lord, be gracious.
Though Wrath ſhould overflow the Land
as with a new Deluge.
Or Fire conſume the Earth, yet Chriſt's Gen. 6. 10.
ſafe Ark is our refuge.
For now no Wrath unmixt with Love,
ſhall of his own be felt,
Becauſe God in his Sacrifice,
the ſmell of Death hath melt. Gen. 8. 21.
And as the Bow in Cloud is pawn Gen. 9. 31.
of not returning Flood: Iſa. 54. 9.
So is that Off'ring conſtant Pledge,
of our eternal good.
True Iſaac offered up for me, Gen. 12.
not minted at, but ſlain: 11. 12.
Moſt Iſaac-like in this eſcape,
though ſlain, he roſe again.
Sweet Joſeph by his Brethren ſold,
by our means made to ſerve:
He hath provided well our Food,
leſt we through want ſhould ſtarve,
From Egypt's bonds and slavery base, Heb 2. 14.
'tis he tht sets us free; 15
'Tis he that doth prepare our Way, 1 Cor. 10
through Floods and raging Sea.
That Prophet rais'd like Moſes true,
but fruitfuller than he: Heb. 2. 3.
He Law and Curſe, and Types of good 2. 3.
Chriſt, Grace and Truth gives me. John. 11. 17.
My Duty Moſes ſhows, but ſtrength 2 Cor. 3. 6.
&c. none can he give to do,
But Chriſt by teaching gives me Life, Heb. 7. 15.
&c. and Will, and Action too.
The Prieſt that offered only once,
and pacify'd for ay:
And needs not Aaron-like repeat
his Sacrifice each Day.
For Aarons Offering oft did prove
his Offering unperfite:
But Chrift, becauſe it perfect makes,
God ſtill our Sins to quite.
In him all Laws and Types are fill'd, Heb. 10. 14.
in him they have an end: Heb. 7. 12,
No further uſe of them, ſince God
did Chriſt their Subſtance ſend.
No Prieſt by Office now on Earth,
no proper Sacrifice,
No Altar of Materials,
no fixt Place of Service.
The Tent where God dwels bodily, John. 4. 27.
the Temple where the tryſt
Is ſet for meeting of our God,
as reconcil'd is Chriſt. Heb. 9. 2.
&c. He Ark with ready Angels cled,
he Mercy-ſeat of God, Acceſs and Oracles of Peace,
giving to us abroad.
By him the withred Rod bears Fruit, Num. 17.7
with him is Manna hid:
The Law in him lyes clos'd from ſpeech,
except through Mercies Lid.
By him my Prayers are perfum'd,
and ſmell as Incenſe ſweet: Heb. 7.
By him my Cup is furniſhed,
and Table fill'd with Meat.
The Prieſt, the Altar and the Lamb,
the Laver waſhing all:
And what elſe any Rite did ſign,
he fills up great and ſmall.
The judge that rids his People from Col. 9. 17.
all Adverſaries Hand.
Our kindly King, by whom we may
poſſeſs that promis'd Land.
To all his Subjects affable,
above all earthly Kings:
His baſeſt Servants have his Ear
at all Times in all things.
He is the Church's deareſt Love,
and therefore muſt be mine,
Though I be baſe, yet will his Grace
to be my Love incline. Iſa. 17. 15.
Oft hath he prov'd his Love to me,
and will not now decline:
Oft hath his Love much ſweeter been:
to me than fineſt Wine. Cant. 1. 2.
Oft hath the preaching of his Word,
in ſtraits and fears of Death,
As ſweeteſt Kiſſes been to me,
convey'd with lively breath, Cant. 1. 2
Oft hath his Aples hunger ſtay'd Cant. 2. 5.
my Thrift his Flaggons quencht, Cant. 2. 3.
Oft hath his Shadow me refreſh'd,
as Herbs by Dew bedrencht,
Oft in his Love withdrawing, he
from Bed hath made me riſe,
And ſeek him long before I found,
to make Me after wiſe,
And when we met, his wrath was gone, Cant, 4. 2.
he call’d me Spouſe betroth'd.
And waſhing me by Pardon, ſaid,
my fair Love, though ſelf-loath'd,
Now faireſt Love, let my Soul ſay,
who made me clean but thou? Cant. II. 9.
Who made a Child of Wrath like me, Cant 3. 16.
ſtand reconciled now? Hos. 2. 3.
What makes me lovely but thy love
that ſet the Price on me?
Whoſe Beauty makes me fair but thine
what have I not from thee:
My Exaltation is come,
to be a Child of God.
By thy deſcending to be Man,
and ſome whiles here abode.
Thy clean Conception and Birth,
proves thee to be the Tree, Luke 1. 35.
Where cut from Adams filthy Stock,
I imped clean muſt be.
Thy Manger makes my Bed more ſoft,
thy Stable makes me Inns:
Thy Baniſhment home brings me Where Luke 2. 16.
my Country-people wins.
Thy Wiſdom in thy Child-hood, hides Mat. 1. 12.
my fooliſh youthful Toyes;
Thy ſelf devoting unto Griefs, Luke 2. 47.
is ground of all my Joys.
Thy empting, my Fulneſs is,
Thy Meanneſs me promotes;
Thy hiding of thy royal State,
a Kingdom me allots.
Thy Servant's ſhape, and Service done, Phil. 2. 7.
from Service ſets me free,
And Bondage of proud Satan's yoke,
and Sin's ſtrong Tyrannie.
Thy lurking thirty Years unknown: Luke 3. 23.
for ever makes me ſhine, Mat. 13. 16.
With Glory far above the reach
of ſubtileſt ingine.
Thy Name inrol'd in Sinners Book
by Baptiſm, makes my Name
to be inrol'd among the Saints,
even thoſe of greateſt Fame,
Thy offering Suretiſhip for me,
to God, at Jordan's Bank,
Hath fre'd me of my Sins, and Hell:
well's me, and God I thank.
hear thee ſay to God, Behold Iſa. 8. 18.
me, and my Children all.
hear the Father anſwer thee,
I love you great and ſmall.
hear thee ſay: take me for them,
let me their Burthen bear;
hear the Father cry, Content,
come, Children, come and hear. Iſai. 55. 5.
Come hear the Covenant between
me and my deareſt SON
Come give your Hearts Conſent thereto,
and then your Bargan's done.
I hear thee ſay, Man's due is Death,
I'll do thy Will, O Lord.
My Soul and Body both for theirs
let ſuffer I accord. Pſal. 4. 8.
I hear my Father's Voice from Heaven
cry, lovely Son art thou: Mat: 3. 17
Theſe all, and this (and that was I)
are thine, I'm pleaſed now.
I hear him ſay to all, and me,
go hear my Son, and live.
He drew I came, they welcom'd me
and Lite, I feel, doſt give.
Now take me with thee where thou wilt
for we muſt never ſhed. Pſal. 61. 1.
In Faith my Soul is glew'd to thee,
lead me as blind are led.
Croſs Satan's Teeth, if our Way ly,
and croſs each other ſo:
To Prieſts, to bench, to Golgotha.
lead me, and I will go. Mat. 27. 33.
But lead, and leave me not, or elſe
I cannot miſs to fall:
If thou do hold me in thy Hand,
I fear no Foe at all.
Thy Combats makes me not amaz'd
for what could make me wo; Rom. 8. 31.
Thy Victory my conflict makes Mat. 8. 31.
to be with vanquiſht ſo.
Thy going to the Wilderneſs Mat. 4. 1.
brings me to Saints City:
Thy fighting all alone, makes me
fight in thy Company.
Thy being tempted fourty Days, Mat. 4. 1.
all my Days makes me ſure.
Thy Preſence, help and comfort ſhall Heb. 2. 18.
with tempted me, endure
If by ſome wrong Mean I be tempt
to fill my Nature's luſt: Mat. 4. 3.
Or God to tempt, neglecting Means, & 4. 5
under pretence of truſt,
To help or hazard Life, ſome way,
which God will not allow:
I ſee thee ſtill before me, Lord,
my Helper here be thou.
Tis true my Fleſh doth grieve to think
what may thy Saints befall:
What horrible Suggeſtions,
and Blaſphemies with all:
What Shapes and Apparitions, Mat. 1. 4. 8.
by Night ſome, ſome by Day:
Yea power of this Fleſh, yet thou
to us'd my fear do ſtay.
Moſt dangerous of all me thinks,
when Satan God to ſcorn,
In falſe Religion Worſhip craves,
and bides both Hoof and Horn. Mat. 3. 6.
And Angels-like in ſome Mans Mouth,
bides to ſome Image bow:
And worldly Motives brings thy Truth,
to cauſe me disavow.
In this Caſe, Lord, give Light, that I Mat. 10.
may Satan bid avoid:
For thouſands here for fault of Light,
guld have been and deſtroy'd.
To free me from this ill I know
new trouble ſhall me breed,
And make the World me perſecute
with ſpite, in Word and Deed
But ſo I may thy Truth contain
and ſtill adhere to thee,
I fear no Perſecution,
nor wicked's Injurie,
More hated can I not, then thou,
no more deſpiſed be:
More charg'd with bitter Calumnies,
nor after get the Lie.
More ſcorn'd and mocked in my Fate
more followed at the Back:
Finger & Tongue ſhut forth withall, Luke 23. 11.
murgons that Mockers make. Pſal. 1 2. 17.
Leſs welcome where I offer Love: John 1. 1.
leſs thanked for good Deeds:
Worſe intertain'd in my Country,
worſe furniſht in my needs.
More friendly handled by my friends
and thoſe of mine own Blood,
Then thou was, I, yea not can be
who ſuffer ſhall for good.
What can befall me which did not
before befall to thee;
What more deſir'ſt for Righteouſneſs,
can I expect to be?
What Lodging leſs than ly thereout; Mat. 8, 20.
what harder Bed, than Rocks?
What ſharper reſt, than not to ſleep,
or to prevent the Cocks?
What ſcant or want more then to have
no Peny in my Purſe,
Amongſt ſuch People as me hate, Mat. 7. 27.
and in their Heart me Curſe?
What greater Hunger, then to faſt,
end when 'tis Time to eat,
To ſend and buy ſome courſe piece Bread,
and get no other Meat?
What greater drought,then want a drink, John 4. 5.
in Journey at Mid-day
And for a drink of Water call,
and hear one ſay me nay?
What ſpoil of Goods, more than to ſtrip
me naked to the Skin, John 4. 5.
And in my ſight divide my Cloathes,
and then to ſcorn begin?
What danger more than preſent Death, Mat. 2. 37.
by Stones lift up to caſt: John 8. 58.
There ſteep down rocks, here man ad-jug'd, Luke 4. 20.
to be thrown down, made faſt.
What baniſht can I more be then, Mal. 26. 57.
for Life chas'd here and there,
Without a Hole to hide my Head,
which even to Beaſts is rare?
What Priſon worſe than fall in Hands
of perſecuting Prieſts,
Thirſtning like Wolves for Blood of Saints
to grace their godleſs Feaſts;
What Judgment more unjuſt than find Mat. 26, 69.
my Party ſit as Judge,
And ſtill the leſs fault he can find,
the more at me to grudge? John 18. 22.
And if I ſpeak a modeſt truth,
to ſmite me on the Face: Iſa. 50. 6.
And pull the Hair of Head and Cheeks.
and all me to diſgrace:
What torments more then pricks thruſt in Mat.27. 29.
one's Head fourſcore at once:
Yea all the Fleſh with ſcourging rent,
and nothing ſafe but Bones:
And thoſe ſo racked in all joints,
as Sinews none go free:
But Legs and Arms aſunder ſpeld, Mat. 27. 25.
hung up and nail'd on Tree:
And what may ſeem to be untouch'd
thy tender Bowels all,
So burnt, as flockning welcom was
by Vinegar and Gall.
All this thou ſuffered, Lord, & more
than any can expreſs:
Why ſhould I then be fear d for ſuch Mat. 27. 4.
like ſufferings more or leſs:
Thou came to witneſs for the Truth,
and to muſt all thine do:
Thou came to ſuffer for the Truth
and ſo muſt all thine too:
None tollow thee, except they be Mat. 16. 24,
content thy Croſs to bear:
None crown'd ſhall be, except they will 2 Tim. 11. 2.
for Truth thy Livery wear.
The Truth is limite to thy Word,
thine and none others ſaw:
ThyScriptures meaning thou will have John 5. 39.
my Rule, and thy full Law,
O that I were inclin'd to do
what Duties there are nam'd:
Then when I ſuffer ſhould for Truth, 1 Pet. 4. 16.
I could not be aſham'd.
And ſuffer muſt we, elſe do wrong, Mat. 15. 19.
when Men from Age to Age,
To chop and change thine Ordinances,
run headlong in a rage:
And by their own Traditions, Pſal. 119.
do make thy Precepts void: 116
Urging their own will more then thine
ſo laid thy Law deſtoy'd.
But thou, Lord over all declares Mat. 15. 9
ſuch Worſhip to be vain:
And ere we yield, thy jealouſie.
wills rather we be ſlain.
Yea, we do but a needleſs work,
and weaken little Ones,
Be chooſe our urgers ſhould us ſink Mat. 18. 16.
in deep Seas with Mill-ſtones.
Then ſtrengthen, Lord, my faith in thee Pſal. 56. 4
that Fleſh I do not fear:
But fear may only thine offence,
whoſe Love he bought ſo dear.
And ſince thou haſt me bought ſo dear
why may I not be ſure,
That love which made thee pamy epicry John 15. 1.
ſhall ſtedfaſtly endure?
If I ſhould lean to my free will,
or ſtrength, I could not ſtand;
Oft had I periſh'd, if my Life
had ly'n in my own Hand.
I wonder not at ſuch as lean
to their Works, Will, or Strength,
Fit others for, and make themſelf
apoſtaſle at length.
For ſuch do not deny themſelves,
and ſo not follow thee:
I chas'd am to thee for Refuge,
and ſo preſerv'd muſt be.
Chas'd Souls are ſenſible of Sin.
and ſenſible of Wrath:
And ſee from both to thee for Life, Mat. 19. 21.
and in thee draw their Breath. Heb. 6. 18.
How then can ſuch not perſevere,
and ſo be ſav'd at length,
Whom thou doſtempty of their own,
and fills with thy freſh Strength.
Theſe are the Souls that come to thee, John 6. 37.
whom thou wilt not caſt out:
Theſe Souls are drawn & driven to the
whom thou muſt ſave no doubt.
Theſe are thy Sheep for whom thou prays John 17, 9.
for whoſe Life thou didſt die: and 20, 28.
Whom Liars ſhall not long deceive,
whom none can pull from thee.
Theſe did thy Father give to thee, and 6. 39
with his expreſs command:
Son ſee thou loſe not one of thoſe.
I'll crave them at thy Hand.
Keep them, and make them perſevere Ibid.
and lead them all the Way,
Through Life and Death, aud raiſe them up
to Glory at that Day.
Thou doſt accept this charge & pawns
thy Honour, charge to keep:
Our faithful Shepherd well I know Pſal. 12. 1. 4.
nor ſlumber will, nor ſleep.
heſe ſin & law chas'd Souls, thou counts Heb. 9. T
true Iſaacs all to be: Rom. 8. 9.
Children of promiſe ſtyling them, and 8. 17.
and Heirs annext with thee. Tit. 1. 1.
Theſe are God's Elect whom he hath Rom. 8. 9.
predeſtinate of old:
And in his counſel hath decreed
to ſave as he hath told.
Whom to aſſure of endleſs Life,
by his unchang'd Decree,
His Truth and Oath he laid in pawn. Heb. 6. 18
in which he cannot Lie. and 6. 12.
And ſwore by his eternal ſelf,
for greater there was none,
That of his Elect Company,
there ſhould not periſh one.
And tho' theſe Souls like Ship on Sea
may fearfully be toſt:
And whiles may ſeem cloſe overwhelm'd
yet none ſuch ſhall be loſt. Iſa. 54. 11.
Their Anchor lies within the Vail.
no Wind can make it drive: Heb. 6. 19.
It lyes where thou art landed, Lord,
and where we ſhall arrive.
Now who faith that thy Elect Ones Rom. 1. 28.
for all this periſh may,
And that thy Saints of purpoſe call'd,
from thee may fall away
And looſes us from leaning on
the Strength of thy Right-hand.
They draw from building on the Rock, Mat. 7. 24.
and bids us build on Sand.
They ſay Peter and Judas are
alike belov'd of thee:
And that they both for Gifts receiv'd,
alike beholden be.
As Judas for his periſhing Mat. 16. 15
may wyte the love of Pelf:
So Peter his Free-will for Life
may praiſe and thank himſelf.
They ſay thou knowſt not who are thine
of none they make the ſure? I Tim. 21.
They ſay the Lord's Foundation 10.
doth not ay firm endure.
They ſay, thou chooſes ſome to Day,
and caſts them off the Morn:
They make the like vain Man to be, Heb. 6. 1. 6.
and do thy counſel ſcorn. 17. 18.
They make the pray for thine Elect, John 17. 9.
and not get thy requeſt: Rom. 34.
Yea tho' thou for them live for ay, Heb. 7. 25.
to interceed as Prieſt. Rom. 8. 16.
God's Elect to whom he gives right
to be his Sons and Heirs,
They make them want ſure right to John 16. 28,
the Heritage for theirs. (have,
The Saints till Death ſeduc'd may be
and Sheep pull'd from thine Hand,
Whom God thee charg'd to keep and ſaid
to ſay they do not ſtand.
Thy Word, thy Oath, thy Covenant, Heb. 6. 18.
they make no certainty:
Faiths anchor they make drive, they ſpeak
in ſubſtance, blaſphemy
They make the Merchant nothing wife,
and very ſhort of thought,
Who pay'd the price & was not ſure John 10. 11.
to have what thou had bought,
Yea ſo unwiſe, as for thy Sheep
thine own Life not to ſpare:
Whom thou may loſe, though ſo dear bought
ſuch fooliſh blocks are rare. and 13.
O wicked thought be far from me,
I know thy Love doth laſt: Rom. 8. 10.
And whom of purpoſe thou doſt call,
thy Grace doth hold them faſt. and 5. 8.
Who thou doſt love, for them thou dy'd
for whom thou dy'd they live.
Thy Love, thy ranſoming, and Heaven,
all jointly thou doſt give,
And whoſoever hates his Sin 1 John 4. 16
and ſets his Love on thee,
May be aſſur'd thou lov'dſt him firſt,
and for his Life didſt die.
Now, Lord, thou knowſ I hate my sin,
and ſeek to have it ſlain:
Thou that knoweſt all, knowſt I thee love John 11. 17.
and feels it not in vain.
Then Lord, my Love thou wilt allow
that I apply thy Death: Gal. 2. 20.
And by that Means perſwaded reft, Pſal. 116.
to be exeem'd from Wrath. 17.
And well I wot the Ranſom is
ſufficient enough
Me to redeem from Hell, and imp
me in thee as thy bough.
For me thou emptied thy ſelf, Rom. 4. 5.
and flood in Father's Law:
For me thou emptied thy ſelf, Phil. 2. 7.
and ſtood in Father's aw.
For me thou took on thee the Curſe, Gal. 3. 24.
and felt thy Father's Wrath:
For me oft plunged was thy Soul Mat. 29. 33
and heavy to the Death.
For which I ſinfully did laugh,
thou mourn'd and wept full fore:
For pleaſure taken in my Sin,
through Grief oft didſt thou roar.
For mine ill words thou ſilenc'd was,
and knew not what to ſay:
For mine ill deeds thou, Lord, was bound Mark 27.
condemn'd and led away.
Thy Ditty were each one my wrongs
againſt both God and Man:
Thy ſentence was my due deſert
for Sins whereto I ran.
Theſe laſhes laid upon thy Skin,
thoſe ſtripes and all thy Wounds
Were for my Souls Wounds made with sins: John 12. 27.
O Love, which thou abounds
O thus, my Love to ſee thee ſad:
O thus to ſee thee weep:
O thus to hear thee groan and pant, Mat. 26.
and cry with ſighs cut deep. 3.8.
O Agony; O fearful ſweat:
O Tears; O bloody drops:
How mingled down from cheeks to feet Luke 28. 24
each chaſing other hops.
To ſee my Love, for Love of me
on bloody Shoulders bear
That Croſs, that Curſe, that growing wrath, Mat. 17.
and trembling thus for fear.
To ſee Almighty God ſo weak,
Lifes-fountain thus to die:
With ſhame and Pain o'ercharg'd, till Heaven and 26. 45.
wondred, and all for me.
Woes me for all Sins: woes me
for Roots of Sin ſo ftrong:
Which have ſo long Time grown in me
and like to ſtick ſo long
Oh,help,my Love to have them flair Rom. 7. 4.
oh, here revenge thy Death.
Oh on this ill avenge me too,
which wrong'd us both ſo hath.
Well's me, I wot thou wilt anon,
grant this, and each requeſt:
Anone our Joy perfect ſhall be,
anone our Marriage-feaſt:
For as thou dy'd for me, for me John 16. 23.
ſo alſo didſt thou riſe: Rom. 5. 25.
And reigns as God, and ſhall me fetch, 1 Theſſ. 4.
ſo makes thy Word me wiſe.
Fond Lovers, tell me now if you Cant. 5. 10
have any Love like this; and 5. 16.
Come take a ſhare with me, my Love
wholly ſpiritual is.
Come, change your Loves, and Love with me,
or elſe you periſh ſhall:
Go charge your Loves to do the ſame
or periſh ſhall you all.
Gods curſe on him that loveth not 2 Cor. 16.
my Love Lord JESUS CHRIST:
Or loves not them that do love him, Eph. 22.
this curſe with Death keeps tryſt.
Behold, this is my Lore, yet it Acts 2. 24.
he could like your Love die, 4
All theſe Excellencies of his Rev. 2. 18.
ſhould work my Miſerie.
Or yet if I by Death could be, 2 Cor. 5. 7.
depriv'd of this my Love:
All that is ſaid, or can ye more,
were nought to my Behove.
But now my Love ſhall never die
his Days ſhall never end:
His Life ſhall eternize his Love, Rev. 1. 18.
his Life to Love doth tend. Heb. 1. 12
And I by Death ſhall have no loſs 2 Cor, 13
my Love ſhall then be more 14.
Both mine to him, and his to me,
bleſſed be God therefore:
Yea, and becauſe I cannot live,
and bruick his Love beneath,
My Chariot to eternal Life,
Death he appointed hath.
Therefore till Death his Love ſhall be 2 Kings 2. 11.
the beſt part of Life:
In him I'll ſtrive, 'gainſt baſer loves,
and Death will end the Strife.
Only, my Lord, ſtill pity me,
and tarry not too long:
My ſp'rit & fleſh cry, Come, Lord come Rev. 2. 20.
Death ſhall renew mySong.




OF God's great goodneſs now

I'll ſing,

I will his Mercy praiſe
For to extoll JEHOVAH King
a quiv'ring Voice I'll raiſe. Jer. 24. 4.
I'll be thy God, thou ſayſt, O Lord, 32. 38.
This promis'd is to me:
What higheſt Heaven can afford
I will vouchſafe on thee.
For this poor Earth thou needs not care
Thou ſhalt inherit all: Rev. 21. 7.
With Chriſt my Son thou ſhalt be Heir, Rom. 8. 17.
in Glor celeſtial.
pauſe my Soul and be amaz'd
at this tranſcendent Grace;
And for thy vileneſs be abas'd,
be ſure to make thy Peace.
Oh what am I but ſinful Duſt,
and ſhall I have ſuch ſtore
of Riches, that ſhall never ruſt
in that eternal Glore?
it not enough, I'm not in Hell.
tormented in that Fire?
nor oft did I thy Voice repell,
provoking thee to Ire.
and ſhall not only thou relieve
me from th' infernal Lake,
but alſo promiſeſt to give
good Things for Mercies ſake.
and ſhall I have not only Crumbs
which from thy Table fall:
but more than all the richeſt Sums
of Gold and Silver all.
And ſhall it not ſuffice to give
what Creatures can afford?
what thou wilt have me for to live.
even with thy ſelf, O LORD!
all God then be my Portion? Pſal. 119. 57.
his Wiſdom to direct?
his goodneſs for Compaſſion,
his power to protect.
His Holineſs to ſanctify?
His all-ſufficient ſtore,
to provide with rich Supply?
bleſt be my God therefore,
Shall his high Habitation,
even be my Dwelling-place?
And ſhall his Creatures every one Rom, 8, 28.
make way for my ſolace? Hoſ. 2. 18, 19.
Shall his brave Angels me ſurround, Pſal. 34. 7.
and guard me from all ill?
O this great Mercy hath no bound?
ſing praiſes then I will.
O then, my Soul let all thy
Strength Pſal. 103.
and Faculties each one,
Be conſecrate to God at length
for his Salvation.
Thy Time and Talent then beſtow,
his Name to Glorifie;
Who did to thee ſuch Mercy ſhow,
Praiſe Him moſt chearfulie.
But as his Mercie's great and free, Pſal. 103. 11.
ſo doth it ſtill endure,
Moſt firm and ſure t'eternity, Pſal. 136.
none ſhall their Soul injure.
A Woman may forgetful be Iſai. 49. 15.
of Infants to her born;
But though ſhe would, yet will no go
me leave to be forlorn.
The Mountains may removed be: Iſa. 54. 10.
the Day and Night may change,
The Hills be caſt into the Sea: Psal, 46. 2.
though Heaven and Earth do rang
Yet ſure will he moſt tenderly,
his precious Saints embrace.
In ſpight of Hell, they ſhall prevai Mat. 16. 18.
and ſee his glorious Face,
I'm graven upon his Palms, therefore Iſa. 49. 10.
I'll not forgotten be;
Though I were even at Deaths dark vale Pſal. 23. 4.
It ſhall not terrifie.
His Wrath may for a Moment laſt, Iſa. 54. 7, 8.
to chaſten me for Sin,
Yea everlaſting Kindneſs, I,
and Favour hope to find.
Then I'll begin to baniſh Sin,
contemning worldly toyes:
With wings I'll fly and ſoar on high,
ſeeking for heavenly Joyes.

Sight through a Glaſs and
Face to Face

1I Love the windows of thy Grace
Through which my Lord is ſeen,
And long to meet my Saviour's Face,
Without a Glaſs between.
2Oh, that the happy Hour were come,
To change my Faith to Sight!
I ſhall behold my Lord at Home
In a diviner Light.
3Haſte, my beloved, aud remove
theſe interpoſing Days;
Then ſhall my Paſſions all be Love,
all Pow'rs be Praiſe.

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