Two Years Before the Mast

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Two Years Before the Mast
by Richard Henry Dana, Jr.


  • Introductory Note
  • Preface
  • Chapter I • Departure
  • Chapter II • First Impressions—“Sail Ho!”
  • Chapter III • Ship’s Duties—Tropics
  • Chapter IV • A Rogue—Trouble on Board—“Land Ho!”—Pompero—Cape Horn
  • Chapter V • Cape Horn—A Visit
  • Chapter VI • Loss of a Man—Superstition
  • Chapter VII • Juan Fernandez—The Pacific
  • Chapter VIII • “Tarring Down”—Daily Life—“Going Aft”—California
  • Chapter IX • California—A South-Easter
  • Chapter X • A South-Easter—Passage up the Coast
  • Chapter XI • Passage up the Coast—Monterey
  • Chapter XII • Life at Monterey
  • Chapter XIII • Trading—A British Sailor
  • Chapter XIV • Santa Barbara—Hide-Droghing—Harbor Duties—Discontent—San Pedro
  • Chapter XV • A Flogging—A Night on Shore—The State of Things on Board—San Diego
  • Chapter XVI • Liberty-Day on Shore
  • Chapter XVII • San Diego—A Desertion—San Pedro Again—Beating up Coast
  • Chapter XVIII • Easter Sunday—“Sail Ho!”—Whales—San Juan—Romance of Hide-Droghing—San Diego Again
  • Chapter XIX • The Sandwich Islanders—Hide-curing—Wood-cutting—Rattle-snakes—New-comers
  • Chapter XX • Leisure—News from Home—“Burning the Water”
  • Chapter XXI • California and Its Inhabitants
  • Chapter XXII • Life on Shore—The Alert
  • Chapter XXIII • New Ship and Shipmates—My Watchmate
  • Chapter XXIV • San Diego again—A Descent—Hurried Departure—A New Shipmate
  • Chapter XXV • Rumors of War—A Spouter—Slipping for A South-Easter
  • Chapter XXVI • San Francisco—Monterey
  • Chapter XXVII • The Sunday Wash-up—On Shore—A Set-to—A Grandee—“Sail Ho!”—A Fandango
  • Chapter XXVIII • An Old Friend—A Victim—California Rangers—News from Home—Last Looks
  • Chapter XXIX • Loading for Home—A Surprise—Last of an Old Friend—The Last Hide—A Hard Case—Up Anchor, for Home!—Homeward Bound
  • Chapter XXX • Beginning the Long Return Voyage—A Scare
  • Chapter XXXI • Bad Prospects—First Touch of Cape Horn—Icebergs—Temperance Ships—Lying-Up—Ice—Difficulty on Board—Change of Course—Straits of Magellan—Cape Horn
  • Chapter XXXII • Ice Again—A Beautiful Afternoon—Cape Horn—“Land Ho!”—Heading For Home
  • Chapter XXXIII • Cracking on—Progress Homeward—A Pleasant Sunday—A Fine Sight-By-Play
  • Chapter XXXIV • Narrow Escapes—The Equator—Tropical Squalls—A Thunder Storm
  • Chapter XXXV • A Double Reef-top-sail Breeze—Scurvy—A Friend in Need—Preparing for Port—The Gulf Stream
  • Chapter XXXVI • Soundings—Sights from Home—Boston Harbor—Leaving the Ship
  • Concluding Chapter
  • Twenty Fours Later: Part I
  • Twenty Fours Later: Part II • The Bay of San Pedro—Pueblo De Los Angeles
  • Twenty Fours Later: Part III • We Leave For the Orient

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.