U.S. v. Hamdan - Special Request for Relief - Supplement

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U.S. v. Hamdan - Special Request for Relief - Supplement[edit]


From: Prasow, Andrea, Ms, DoD OGC
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:54 AM



Berrigan, Michael, Mr, DoD OGC; Britt, William, LTC, DoD OGC;                     , DoD OGC; McMillan, Joseph M. (Perkins Coie); Mizer, Brian, LCDR, DoD OGC; Morris, Lawrence, COL, DoD OGC; Murphy, John; Murphy, John, Mr, DoD OGC; Pagel, Bruce, COL, DoD OGC; Prasow, Andrea, Ms, DoD OGC; Schneider, Harry (Perkins Coie); Stone, Tim, LCDR, DoD OGC; Trivett, Clayton, Mr, DoD OGC;     OGC

Subject: U.S. v. Hamdan - Special Request for Relief - Supplement
Signed By:    


Please accept this supplemental filing in conjunction with the Defense Special Request for Relief - Request to Meet with ISN 10026.

  1. On 17 April 2008, the Defense requested that LCDR Mizer be permitted to meet with ISN 10026 in order to respond to his concerns about the identity of Mr. Hamdan's counsel.
  2. On 21 April 2008, the Government Security Officer informed the parties that ISN 10011 also wants additional evidence that Mr. Hamdan's counsel do indeed represent Mr. Hamdan.
  3. Accordingly, the Defense amends its special request to include a request that LCDR Mizer be permitted to meet with ISN 10011 to explain that Mr. Hamdan's counsel are the authors of the written questions and that neither interrogators nor prosecutors will have access to either the questions or answers.
  4. As explained in the Defense Special Request for Relief, LCDR Mizer has been read on to the Special Access Program governing access to "high value" detainees and will be meeting with a "high value" detainee to whom he has been detailed to represent later today.
  5. In light of the Defense's urgent need to prepare for trial, and the guidance in Regulation 16 that suggests the Defense should request production of witnesses for trial by 28 April 2008, the Defense requests that LCDR Mizer be granted in-person access to ISN 10026 and ISN 10011 by 27 April 2008.

Respectfully submitted,
Andrea J. Prasow
Office of the Chief Defense Counsel
Office of Military Commissions