UDF Coordinating Council 1990

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UDF Coordinating Council 1990
by Lyubomir Ivanov

Source Published in Democracy Newspaper, Sofia on 27 April 1990.


(The Coordinating Council of the Union of Democratic Forces as of April 1990, per Democracy Newspaper, 27 April 1990)

Chairman: Zhelyu Zhelev
Secretary: Petar Beron
Spokesmen: Georgi Spasov and Rumen Vodenicharov

1. Bulgarian Agrarian People’s Union “Nikola Petkov”
Milan Drenchev, Krum Nevrokopski and Mihail Mihaylov

2. Bulgarian Social Democratic Party
Dr. Petar Dertliev, Mihail Petkov, Ivan Pushkarov and Petar Kornazhev

3. Citizen Initiative Movement
Lyubomir Sobadzhiev, Emil Stumbov and Doncho Papazov

4. Democratic Party
Boris Kyurkchiev, Stefan Stoyanov and Ivaylo Kutov

5. Green Party
Aleksandar Karakachanov, Lyubomir Ivanov and Solomon Passy

6. Club for Glasnost and Democracy
Petko Simeonov, Dimitar Ludzhev and Zhelyu Zhelev

7. Club of the Repressed after 1945
Dimitar Batalov, Ivan Nevrokopski and Vasil Gyorev

8. Committee for the Protection of Religious Rights, Freedom of Conscience and Spiritual Values
Hristofor Sabev, Petar Kanev and Ravena Boseva

9. Confederation of Labour Podkrepa
Dr. Konstantin Trenchev, Plamen Darakchiev and Oleg Chulev

10. Independent Society for the Protection of Human Rights
Rumen Vodenicharov, Metodi Nedyalkov and Georgi Lund

11. Independent Society of Ekoglasnost
Petar Beron, Georgi Avramov and Petar Staykov

12. Radical Democratic Party
Elka Konstantinova, Mihail Nedelchev and Aleksandar Yordanov

13. Federation of Independent Student Societies
Atanas Kirchev, Vasil Petrov and Emil Koshlukov

14. New Social Democratic Party
Petar Markov, Vasil Shopov and Ivan Katsarski

15. United Democratic Centre
Dr. Lyubomir Pavlov, Stoyan Ganev and Bozhidar Danev

16. Democratic Front
Svetozar Ivanov, Nikola Maranzov and Pavel Mazalov


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