USAMGIK Ordinance 64

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USAMGIK Ordinance 64
Seoul, Korea


29 March 1946


    SECTION Ⅰ. Scope. The principal elements of the Government of Korea at the national level, will hereafter be known as Departments or Offices. This ordinance does not change existing powers, functions or duties. The classification and nomenclature fixed by this ordinance shall not be changed or supplemented except by ordinance.

    SECTION Ⅱ. Bureaus Renamed Departments. The following elements of the Government of Korea will hereafter be known as Departments:
    a. Department of Agriculture (formerly Bureau of Agriculture)
    b. Department of Commerce (formerly Bureau of Commerce)
    c. Department of Communications (formerly Bureau of Commu-nications)
    d. Department of Education (formerly Bureau of Education)
    e. Department of Finance (formerly Bureau of Finance)
    f. Department of Justice (formerly Bureau of Justice)
    g. Department of National Defense (formerly Office of the Director of National Defense.)
    h. Department of Police (formerly Bureau of Police)
    i. Department of Public Health and Welfare (formerly Bureau of Public Health and Welfare)
    j. Department of Public Information (formerly Bureau of Public Information)
    k. Department of Transportation (formerly Bureau of Transportation)

    SECTION Ⅲ. Sections Renamed Offices.The following elements or the Government of Korea will hereafter be known as Office:
    a. Office of Accounts (formerly Accounts Section)
    b. Office of Foreign Affairs (formerly Foreign Affairs Section)
    c. Office of General Affairs (formerly General Affairs Section)
    d. Office of Korean Civil Service (formerly Korean Civil Service Section)
    e. Office of Planning (formerly Planning Section)
    f. Office Of Property Custody (formerly Property Custody Section)
    g. Office of Provincial Affairs (formerly Provincial Affairs Section)

    SECTION Ⅳ. Departments. Departments will be divided as follows:
    a. Departments into Bureaus.
    b. Bureaus into Sections.
    c. Sections into Subsection.
    d. Subsection into Branches.

    SECTION Ⅴ. Offices. Offices will be divided as follows:
    a. Offices into Divisions
    b. Divisions into Section.
    c. Section into Subsection.

    SECTION Ⅵ. Titles of Officials in change. Titles of individuals in charge will be as follows:
    a. Director-for Departments and Offices.
    b. Chief-for Bureaus, Divisions, Sections, Subsection, Branches.

    SECTION Ⅶ. Titles of Chief Assistants. When the position of a chief assistant to an individual in change an individual in change has been authorized, the title therefor will be as follows:
    a. Deputy Director.
    b. Assistant Chief.

    SECTION Ⅷ. Use of Authorized Titles. Only authorized titles will be applied to both military and civilian individuals appointed to and occupying positions within the Government of Korea.

    SECTION Ⅸ. Effective Date. This ordinance shall be effective on the date appearing hereon.

Major General, United States Army
Military Governor of Korea.

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