Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Adil Said Al Haj Obeid Al Busayss

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Department of Defense
Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants
at US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

From: Presiding Officer
To: Al Busayss, Adil Said Al Haj // Obeid
Via: Assisting Military Officer
Subject: Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Al Busayss, Adil Said Al Haj // Obeid


An Administrative Review Board will be convened to review your case to determine if your continued detention is necessary.


The Administrative Review Board will conduct a comprehensive review of all reasonably available and relevant information regarding your case. At the conclusion of this review the Board will make a recommendation to: (1) release you to your home state or to a third state; (2) transfer you to your home state, or a third state, whh conditions agreed upon by the United States and your home state, or the third state; or (3) continue your detention under United States control.


The following primary factors favor continued detention: a. Commitment


The detainee, a Yemeni citizen, admitted he traveled from Sanaa, Yemen through Karachi, Pakistan to Kabul, Afghanistan to attend a Taliban training camp during the beginning of Ramadan, 2000.


The detainee attended the training camp north of KabuL Afghanistan, for one month, during which he received training on hand grenades, Rocket-Propelled Grenades, Kalishnikov rifles, machine guns, and physical training.


The detainee was issued a Kalishnikov rifle and ammunition, two hand grenades, and a Pika machine gun.


The detainee stated that on the front line, there was no differentiation between the Taliban and al Qaida fighters; they fought along side each other.

b. Intent

The detainee fought with the Taliban on the front line for two to three months.


The detainee then traveled to Pakistan where he surrendered his weapon and. was arrested by Pakistani police in December 2001.

c. Other Relevant Data

The detainee stated, mat according to the Quran, if an infidel is residing within an Islamic nation, he is obligated to convert to Islam, pay jizzia, or leave the nation; if the infidel should refuse to do one of the three, he is to be killed.


The detainee stated that Jews and Christians are considered infidels because they refuse to accept God's message as contained within the Quran.


When asked what should happen to the people of a non-Islamic country that Islam eventually seizes control over, AL-BUSAYSS explained non Muslims will be given the same choices as previously mentioned. AL-BUSAYSS added that if the non-Muslim refuses to pay jizzia, leave the country, or submit to Allah, he would be killed.


The detainee further stated that according to the Quran, all infidels must leave the three holy cities of Islam, which he identified as being Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem; and then stated that although he is not an Islamic scholar, he believes the infidels should be killed if they refuse to leave.


The detainee stated he would support a fatwa advocating attacks against infidels within his country.


The detainee stated mat when he was recruited as a Jihadist fighter his loyalty was to the Taliban government because they followed sharia law, stood for good Muslim values and fought for Islam..


The detainee stated he was willing to spend a year of his life as a Jihadist fighter even though he knew he would be in combat and might die.


The detainee expects to be rewarded by God when he gets to heaven for his service to Islam by fighting for jihad in Afghanistan.


The detainee stated that his perception of the Taliban was that it was a good Islamic government that brought peace, security and justice to the places where it was in control. He added that his opinion of the Taliban never changed.

|- | |- | 4. || The following primary factors favor release or transfer: |- | |- | ||


The detainee stated that he is not a member of al Qaida, has never met any al Qaida members and does not know the al Qaida beliefs.


The detainee stated he has heard of al Qaida and Usama Bin Laden, but does not know anything about them and does not support them.


The detainee stated he has asthma.


The detainee said that he was just a regular fighterin the Taliban. The detainee said that the only benefits he ever received for being part of the Taliban were spiritual.

|- | |- | 5. || You will be afforded a meaningful opportunity to be heard and to present information to the Board; mis includes an opportunity to be physically present at the proceeding. The Assisting Military Officer (AMO) will assist you in reviewing all relevant and reasonably available unclassified information regarding your case. The AMO is not an advocate for or against continued detention, nor may the AMO form a confidential relationship with you or represent you in any other matter. |}