Uncle Vanya

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Uncle Vanya  (1899) 
by Anton Chekhov, translated by Marian Fell

Uncle Vanya (Russian: Дядя Ваня — "Dyadya Vanya") is a tragicomedy by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov published in 1899. Its first major performance was in 1900 under the direction of Konstantin Stanislavski.

— Excerpted from Uncle Vanya on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

Scenes From Country Life



  • ALEXANDER SEREBRAKOFF, a retired professor
  • HELENA, his wife, twenty-seven years old
  • SONIA, his daughter by a former marriage
  • MME. VOITSKAYA, widow of a privy councilor, and mother of Serebrakoff's first wife
  • IVAN (VANYA) VOITSKI, her son
  • MICHAEL ASTROFF, a doctor
  • ILIA (WAFFLES) TELEGIN, an impoverished landowner
  • MARINA, an old nurse

The scene is laid on SEREBRAKOFF'S country place


1. Act 1
2. Act 2
3. Act 3
4. Act 4

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