United Nations Security Council Resolution 106

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 106 (1955)
the United Nations
1036United Nations Security Council Resolution 106the United Nations

Adopted unanimously by the Security Council at its 695th meeting, on 29 March 1955

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 54 (1948) of 15 July 1948, 73 (1949) of 11 August 1949, 89 (1950) of 17 November 1950, 93 (1951) of 18 May 1951 and 101 (1953) of 24 November 1953,

Having heard the report of the Chief of Staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine and statements by the representatives of Egypt and Israel,

Noting that the Egyptian-Israel Mixed Armistice Commission on 6 March 1955 determined that a “prearranged and planned attack ordered by Israel authorities” was “committed by Israel regular army forces against the Egyptian regular army force” in the Gaza Strip on 28 February 1955, [1]

1. Condemns this attack as a violation of the cease-fire provisions of Security Council resolution 54 (1948) and as inconsistent with the obligations of the parties under the General Armistice Agreement between Egypt and Israel [2] and under the United Nations Charter;

2. Calls again upon Israel to take all necessary measures to prevent such actions;

3. Expresses its conviction that the maintenance of the General Armistice Agreement is threatened by any deliberate violation of that Agreement by one of the parties to it, and that no progress towards the return of permanent peace in Palestine can be made unless the parties comply strictly with their obligations under the General Armistice Agreement and the cease-fire provision of its resolution 54 (1948).

[1] Ibid., document S/3373, annex III.

[2] Ibid., Fourth Year, Special Supplement No. 3.

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