United Nations Security Council Resolution 273

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 273
by the United Nations

Adopted by 13 votes to none, with 2 abstentions (Spain, United States of America) by the Security Council at its 1520th meeting, on 9 December 1969

The Security Council,

Taking note of the complaints by Senegal against Portugal contained in documents S/9513 and S/9541,

Conscious of its responsibility for taking effective measures to forestall and eliminate threats to international peace and security,

Bearing in mind that all States must refrain in their international relations from recourse to the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State or in any manner incompatible with the purposes of the United Nations,

Concerned about the serious situation created by the shelling of the village of Samine in the southern region of Senegal from the Begene base,

Deeply concerned at the fact that incidents of this nature jeopardize international peace and security,

Bearing in mind its resolution 178 (1963) of 24 April 1963 and 204 (1965) of 16 May 1965,

1. Strongly condemns the Portuguese authorities for the shelling of the village of Samine, which (1) on 25 November 1969 caused one death and seriously wounded eight persons, struck a building of the Senegalese gendarmerie and completely destroyed two houses in the village of Samine, and (2) on 7 December 1969 cased five deaths and seriously wounded one woman;

2. Again calls upon Portugal to desist forthwith from violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Senegal;

3. Declares that in the event of failure by Portugal to comply with paragraph 2 of the present resolution, the Security Council will meet to consider other measures;

4. Decides to remain seized of the question

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