United Nations Security Council Resolution 327

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 327 (1973)
the United Nations
180648United Nations Security Council Resolution 327the United Nations

Adopted by 14 votes to none, with 1 abstention (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) by the Security Council at its 1691st meeting, on 2 February 1973

The Security Council,

Having heard the statement of the Permanent Representative of Zambia to the United Nations,

Recalling its resolutions on the question of Southern Rhodesia, in particular resolution 232 (1966) of 16 December 1966, in which it determined that the situation in Southern Rhodesia constituted a threat to international peace and security,

Recalling further resolutions 253 (1968) of 29 May 1968 and 277 (1970) of 18 March 1970 imposing mandatory sanctions against Southern Rhodesia, particularly in the respective provisions therein requesting the international community to extend assistance to Zambia in view of such special economic problems as it may be confronted with arising from the carrying out of the decisions of the Security Council,

Taking into account the decision of the Government of Zambia to sever immediately all remaining trade and communication likes with Southern Rhodesia in compliance with the decisions of the Security Council and in strict observance of economic sanctions,

Recognizing that such a decision by th Government of Zambia will entail considerable special economic hardships,

1. Commends the Government of Zambia for its decision to sever all remaining economic and trade relations with Southern Rhodesia in compliance with the decisions of the Security Council;

2. Takes cognizance of the special economic hardships confronting Zambia as a result of its decisions to carry out the decisions of the Security Council;

3. Decides to entrust the Special Mission, consisting of four members of the Security Council, referred to in paragraph 9 of resolution 326 (1973), assisted by a team of six United Nations experts, to assess the needs of Zambia, in maintaining alternative systems of road, rail, air and sea communications for the normal flow of traffic;

4. Further requests the neighbouring States to accord the Special Mission every co-operation in the discharge of its task;

5. Requests the Special Mission to report to the Security Council not later than 1 March 1973.

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