United Nations Security Council Resolution 359

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 359 (1974)
the United Nations
193897United Nations Security Council Resolution 359the United Nations

Adopted by 14 votes to none by the Security Council at its 1793rd meeting, on 15 August 1974

The Security Council

Noting with concern from the Secretary-General's report on developments in Cyprus as a direct result of the military action which is still continuing in Cyprus,

Recalling that the United Nations Force was stationed in Cyprus with the full consent of the Governments of Cyprus, Turkey and Greece,

Bearing in mind that the Secretary-General was requested by the Security Council in resolution 355 (1974) of 1 August 1974 to take appropriate action in the light of his statement made at the 1788th meeting of the Council in which he dealt with the role, functions and strength of the Force and related issues arising out of the most recent political developments in respect of Cyprus,

1. Deeply deplores the fact that members of the United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus have been killed and wounded;

2. Demands that all parties concerned fully respect the international status of the United Nations Force and refrain from any action which might endanger the lives and safety of its members;

3. Urges the parties concerned to demonstrate in a firm, clear and unequivocal manner their willingness to fulfil the commitments they have entered into in this regard;

4. Demands further that all parties co-operate with the United Nations Force in carrying out its tasks, including humanitarian functions, in all areas of Cyprus and in regard to all sections of the population of Cyprus;

5. Emphasizes the fundamental principle that the status and safety of the members of the United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus, and for that matter of any United Nations peace-keeping force, must be respected by the parties under all circumstances.

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