United Nations Security Council Resolution 392

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 392  (1976) 
by the United Nations

Adopted at the 1930th meeting by consensus, on 19 June 1976.

The Security Council,

Having considered the letter of the representatives of Benin, the Libyan Arab Republic and the United Republic of Tanzania, on behalf of the African Group at the United Nations, concerning the measures of repression, including wanton killings, perpetrated by the apartheid régime in South Africa against the African people in Soweto and other areas in South Africa,[1]

Having considered also the telegram from the President of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar to the Secretary-General,[2]

Deeply shocked over large-scale killings and wounding of Africans in South Africa, following the callous shooting of African people including schoolchildren and students demonstrating against racial discrimination on 16 June 1976,

Convinced that this situation has been brought about by the continued imposition by the South African Government of apartheid and racial discrimination, in defiance of the resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly,

1. Strongly condemns the South African Government for its resort to massive violence against and killings of the African people including schoolchildren and students and others opposing racial discrimination;

2. Expresses its profound sympathy to the victims of this violence;

3. Reaffirms that the policy of apartheid is a crime against the conscience and dignity of mankind and seriously disturbs international peace and security;

4. Recognizes the legitimacy of the struggle of the South African people for the elimination of apartheid and racial discrimination;

5. Calls upon the South African Government urgently to end violence against the African people and to take urgent steps to eliminate apartheid and racial discrimination;

6. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

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