United Nations Security Council Resolution 522

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 522
by the United Nations

Adopted unanimously by the Security Council at its 2399th meeting held on 4 October 1982

The Security Council,

Having considered again the question entitled "The situation between Iran and Iraq",

Deploring the prolongation and the escalation of the conflict between the two countries, resulting in heavy losses of human lives and considerable material damage, and endangering peace and security,

Reaffirming that the restoration of peace and security in the region requires all member States strictly to comply with their obligations under the Charter of the United Nations,

Recalling its resolution 479 (1980), adopted unanimously on 28 September 1980, as well as the statement of the President of the Council of 5 November 1980,[1]

Further recalling its resolution 514 (1982) adopted unanimously on 12 July 1982, as well as the statement of the President of the Council of 15 July 1982,[2]

Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General of 15 July 1982,[3]

  1. Urgently calls again for an immediate cease-fire and an end to all military operations;
  2. Reaffirms its call for a withdrawal of forces to internationally recognized boundaries;
  3. Welcomes the fact that one of the parties has already expressed its readiness to co-operate in the implementation of resolution 514 (1982) and calls upon the other to do likewise;
  4. Affirms the necessity of implementing without further delay its decision to dispatch United Nations observers to verify, confirm and supervise the cease-fire and withdrawal;
  5. Reaffirms the urgency of the continuation of the current mediation efforts;
  6. Reaffirms its request to all other States to abstain from all actions which could contribute to the continuation of the conflict and to facilitate the implementation of the present resolution;
  7. Further requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council on the implementation of this resolution within 72 hours.

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