United Nations Security Council Resolution 59

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 59
by the United Nations

Adopted by the Security Council at its 367th meeting, on 19 October 1948 ([1])

The Security Council,

Having in mind the report of the Acting Mediator concerning the assassination on 17 September 1948 of the United Nations Mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, ([2]) and United Nations observer Colonel Andre Serot, the report of the Acting Mediator concerning difficulties encountered in the supervision of the truce ([3]) and the report of the Truce Commission for Palestine concerning the situation in Jerusalem, ([4])

1. Notes with concern that the Provisional Government of Israel has to date submitted no report to the Security Council or to the Acting Mediator regarding the progress of the investigation into the assassinations;

2. Requests that Government to submit to the Security Council at an early date an account of the progress made in the investigation and to indicate therein the measures taken with regard to negligence on the part of officials or other factors affecting the crime;

3. Reminds the Governments and authorities concerned that all the obligations and responsibilities of the parties set forth in its resolutions 54 (1948) of 15 July and 56 (1948) of 19 August 1948 are to be discharged fully and in good faith;

4. Reminds the Acting Mediator of the desirability of an equitable distribution of the United Nations observers for the purpose of observing the truce on the territories of both parties;

5. Determines, pursuant to its resolutions 54 (1948) and 56 (1948), that the Governments and authorities have the duty:

(a) To allow duly accredited United Nations observers and other truce supervision personnel bearing proper credentials, on official notification, ready access to all places where their duties require them to go including airfields, ports, truce lines and strategic points and areas;
(b) To facilitate the freedom of movement of truce supervision personnel and transport by simplifying procedures on United Nations aircraft now in effect, and by assurance of safe-conduct for an United Nations aircraft and other means of transport;
(c) To co-operate fully with the truce supervision personnel in their conduct of investigations into incidents involving alleged breaches of the truce, including the making available of witnesses, testimony and other evidence on request;
(d) To implement fully by appropriate and prompt instructions to the commanders in the field all agreements entered into through the good offices of the Mediator or his representatives;
(e) To take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and safe-conduct of the truce supervision personnel and the representatives of the Mediator, their aircraft and vehicles, while in territory under their control;
(f) To make every effort to apprehend and promptly punish any and all persons within their jurisdictions guilty of any assault upon or other aggressive act against the truce supervision personnel or the representatives of the Mediator.

[1] In the absence of any objection, the President stated that the draft resolution was adopted unanimously.
[2] Official Records of the Security Council, Third Year, Supplement for October 1948, document S/1018.
[3] Ibid., document S/1022.
[4] Ibid., document S/1023.

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