United Nations Security Council Resolution 6

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 6
by the United Nations

6 (1946). Resolution of 17 May 19461

The Security Council,

Taking into account the fact that under Article 4 of the Charter, membership in the United Nations is open to all peace-loving States which accept the obligations contained in the Charter and, in the judgement of the Organization, are able and willing to carry out these obligations, and

Taking into account the fact that the General Assembly which acts to admit applicant States to membership on the recommendation of the Security Council, will meet for the second part of its first session on 3 September 1946,


1. That applications for membership which have been or may be received by the Secretary-General shall be considered by the Security Council at a meeting or meetings to be held in August 1946, for this specific purpose;

2. That applications for membership received by the Secretary General before 15 July 1946 shall be referred to a committee composed of a representative of each of the members of the Security Council for examination and report to the Council not later than 1 August 1946.

Adopted unanimously at the 42nd meeting.

1 Modified by the Council at its 51st meeting (see below).


At its 51st meeting, on 24 July 1946, the Council decided, because of the postponement of the opening date of the second part of the first session of the General Assembly, that all the dates in its resolution 6 (1946) of 17 May 1946 would "... be put back as many days as the interval between the day on which the Assembly was originally to be converned and the day on which it actually will be converned".

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