United States Code/Title 17/1976-10-18/Chapter 3/Section 215

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§ 215—Fees

The Register of Copyrights shall receive, and the persons to whom theservices designated are rendered shall pay, the following fees:

For the registration of a claim to copyright in any work, including a print or label used for articles of merchandise, $6; for the registration of a claim to renewal of copyright, $4; which fees shall include a certificate for each registration: Provided, That only one registration fee shall be required in the case of several volumes of the same book published and deposited at the same time: And provided further, That with respect to works of foreign origin, in lieu of payment of the copyright fee of $6 together with one copy of the work and application, the foreign author or proprietor may at any time within six months from the date of first publication abroad deposit in the Copyright Office an application for registration and two copies of the work which shall be accompanied by a catalog card in form and content satisfactory to the Register of Copyrights.
For every additional certificate of registration, $2.
For certifying a copy of an application for registration of copyright,and for all other certifications, $3.
For recording every assignment, agreement, power of attorney or other paper not exceeding six pages, $5; for each additional page or less, 50 cents; for each title over one in the paper recorded, 50 cents additional.
For recording a notice of use, or notice of intention to use, $3, for each notice of not more than five titles; and 50 cents for each additional title.
For any requested search of Copyright Office records, works deposited, or other available material, or services rendered in connection therewith, $5, for each hour of time consumed.

Amendment history[edit]

Section 215 was added by the Act of July 30, 1947 (c. 391, 61 Stat. 652) which codified the Copyright Act of 1909 (Mar. 4, 1909, 35 Stat. 1075). It was amended by

  • the Act of April 27, 1948 (c. 236, 62 Stat. 202), § 2;
  • the Act of June 3, 1949 (c. 171, 63 Stat. 154), § 4;
  • Public Law 89-297 (Oct. 27, 1965, 79 Stat. 1072), § 2.

It was repealed by the Copyright Act of 1976 (Pub. L. 94-553, Oct. 19, 1976, 90 Stat. 2541) with effect from January 1, 1978.