United States Code/Title 27

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  • Chapter 1—General Provisions (Repealed)
  • Chapter 2—Prohibition of Intoxicating Beverages (Repealed, Omitted, or Transferred)
  • Chapter 2a—Beer, Ale, Porter, and Similar Fermented Liquor (Repealed or Omitted)
  • Chapter 3—Industrial Alcohol (Omitted)
  • Chapter 4—Penalties (Repealed)
  • Chapter 5—Prohibition Reorganization Act of 1930 (Repealed)
  • Chapter 6—Transportation in Interstate Commerce
  • Chapter 7—Liquor Law Repeal and Enforcement Act (Omitted)
  • Chapter 8—Federal Alcohol Administration Act
  • Chapter 9—Liquor Enforcement Act of 1936 (Repealed)