United States Statutes at Large/Volume 2/12th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 39

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March 10, 1812.
Chap. XXXIX.—An Act to alter the time of holding the Circuit Courts of the United States at Knoxville, in the District of East Tennessee, in the state of Tennessee.

Act of March 22, 1808, ch. 38.
Sessions of the circuit court changed to the second Monday in October, at Knoxville, in East Tennessee.
1807, ch. 16.
1831, ch. 1.
Process, &c. returnable, &c. &c. accordingly.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That so much of the first section of an act, entituled “An act to amend an act entituled An act establishing circuit courts, and abridging the jurisdiction of the district courts of the districts of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio,” passed on the twenty-second day of March, eighteen hundred and eight, as provides that the sessions of the said circuit courts shall be held at Knoxville, in East Tennessee, on the third Monday of October annually, shall be and is hereby repealed; and from and after the passing of this act, the said circuit courts shall be held at Knoxville, in the district of East Tennessee, on the second Monday in October, annually, and continue until all the business therein depending be disposed of; and that all actions, causes, pleas, processes and other proceedings relative to any cause, civil or criminal, which shall be returnable to, or depending in the said circuit court of the United States, to be held at Knoxville, on the third Monday of October next, shall be returned, and held, continued to, and be proceeded upon on the second Monday in October next, in the same manner they would have been if this change had not been made.

Approved, March 10, 1812.