United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/13th Congress/3rd Session/Chapter 69

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March 1, 1815.
Chap. LXIX.—An Act alter and establish certain post-roads.

Post-roads discontinued.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post-roads be, and the same are hereby discontinued, that is to say: From Columbia, by Shelbyville and Winchester, to Fayetteville, in Tennessee. From Tellicoe, in Tennessee, by Amoy river, Vanstown, and Tuckeytown, to Ford Stoddard, in Mississippi territory; and from Tuckabatchy by Tennesaw and Fort Stoddart, to Pascagoola river, in Mississippi territory; from Cynthiana to Georgetown, in Kentucky. In North Carolina, from Washington to Lake Landing, on Motamuskeet. From Concord, by Loudon, Gilmanton, Meredith, New Holderness, to Plymouth; thence by New Hampton, Sanbornton, Northfield and Canterbury, to Concord.

Post-roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following be established post-roads, that is to say:

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Concord to Fryeburgh, in Maine. From Concord, by Salisbury, Andover, New Chester, Bridgewater, Plymouth, thence by New Holderness, New Hampton, Sanbornton, Salisbury, to Concord. From Exeter, by Brentwood, Poplin, Raymond, Candia, and Pembroke, to Concord.

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Chester South village, by Andover, Weston, Land Grove, and Peru, to Manchester. From Salem, New York, by Rupert, Paulet, Middleton, and Ira, to Rutland.

Maine.In Maine.—From Kennebunk to Alfred. From Prospect, by Mount Ephraim, to Frankfurt.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Hosack, New York, by Pawnal, Vermont, to Williamstown. From Northampton, by Hadley, Sunderland, and Montague, to Northfield. From Foxborough, by Mansfield and Norton, to Taunton.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—That the post-road from Norwalk, by Reading, to Danbury, pass through Saugatuck, and by the town-house in Reading.

New York.In New York.—From Hadley Landing, in Saratoga, to Luzern, in Warren county. From Hamilton village, by Guilderland, Berne, Schoharie Courthouse, the brick church, in Cobleskill, Colonel I. Steward’s, and Maryland, to Milford. From West Point to Haverstraw. From Burrage Mills, in Coventry, to Oxford. That the mail from Huntington be carried by the north road to Smithtown, instead of the south road. From Stillwater, by Dunning street, in Malta, and the south end of Saratoga Lake, to Ballstown Springs, thence by the north end of Saratoga Lake, and by Roger’s mills, to Stillwater. From Manlius, in Onondaga county, to Elbridge, in Camillus, thence to Auburn, in Cayuga county. From Bainbridge through Coventry to Green.

New Jersey.
Post-roads established.
In New Jersey.—From Newark, by Orange Dale and Hanover, to Morristown. From Asbury, in Mansfield township, by Hacket’s town, Greenville, Newton, and Frankfort, to Deckerstown.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From Huntington, by Woodock Valley, Bedford, and Cumberland Valley, to Cumberland in Maryland. From Mercer to New Castle. From Lancaster to Lebanon. From York, by Dover, Ross town, Lewisburg, and Lisburn, to Carlisle.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Zanesville to Coshocton. From Wheeling, in Virginia, by Stephen Scott’s at the mouth of Fishing Creek, to Marietta. From Delaware, in Ohio, by Norton, Upper Sandusky, and Lower Sandusky, to Fort Meigs. From Lebanon to Hamilton.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Baltimore, by Queenstown, Hillsborough, and Denton, to Milford. From Westminster, in Frederick county, through Uniontown, Middleburgh, Greenham, Mechanick’s town, and Cave town, to Hager’s town. From Elkton by Savinton to Georgetown cross roads.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Lindsay’s store by Barboursville and Standardsville to Harrisonburg. From Richmond to Lindsay’s store, in Albermarle county. From Colesville, in Chesterfield county, by Halcomb’s and Dennis’s, to Amelia Courthouse, in lieu of the present route from Colesville to Amelia Courthouse. From Parkersburg, in Wood county, to Point Pleasant; that the route from Hopkins’ tavern to Powhatan Courthouse, pass by way of Genito Bridge. That the Postmaster General be authorized to send a mail from Port Tobacco in Maryland, to Hanover town, so long as a stage shall run on that route. From the town of Petersburg, Virginia, by the Double Bridges and John Key’s tavern in the county of Lunenburg, to Charlotte Courthouse. From Williesburg, in Charlotte county, by Doctor Snead’s in Halifax county, to Cunningham’s store in Person county, North Carolina.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Cynthiana, by Paris and Winchester, to Richmond. From Isbelville to Clarksville, Tennessee. From Lexington to Georgetown. From Cincinnati, by Kennedy’s, Gaines’s and Arnold’s on the ridge road, to Georgetown. From Glasgow to Allen Courthouse, and from Allen Courthouse to Bowling Green. From Middletown to Westport.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Washington, by Bath, John Adams’s, the Log House Landing, on Pungo river, and Germantown, to the Lake Landing in Matamuskeet. From Tarborough to Cobbs’ Bridge, in Edgecomb county. From Bryant’s cross roads to Windsor. From Tarborough to Scotland Neck. From Pittsborough, by Liberty and Gardner’s store to Lexington.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Nashville, by Harpeth settlement, and Shelbyville, to Fayetteville. From Rhea Courthouse, by Highwassy Garrison, Ross Fort, and Fort Jackson, to Fort St. Stephens.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.—From Marion Courthouse, by Harleysville, to Marlborough, to return by Brownsville to Marion Courthouse. From Cheraw Courthouse, by Burnt Saw Mills, on Lynch’s creek, Williamsburg Courthouse, and Murray’s Ferry, on Santee, to Monk’s Corner.

Mississippi Territory.In the Mississippi Territory.—From the Choctaw agency, by John Ford’s, on Pearl river, to New Orleans in the state of Louisiana.

Ill. Territory.In the Illinois Territory.—From Johnson Courthouse to Salem in Kentucky.

Approved, March 1, 1815.