Unlawful Marraige: The Lawfulness of the Marriage of a Man with his Deceased Wife's Sister

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In writing this reply the author has sincerely sought the truth. He wishes the truth to be established, whatever may be the result of his labor.

That the reader may test his fairness, he has carefully noted the pages where may be found the passages on which he animadverts, and generally the paragraphs too. This will greatly facilitate the trouble of finding the passages.

With the same view, he has endeavored to mark accurately the book and chapter, and sometimes the page of the authorities to which he refers, or from which he quotes. The author has no fondness for controversy ; but having, for his own satisfaction, examined the question, he felt it to be his duty to do what might be in his power to defend the truth, and set forth the claims of what he believes to be a command of God.

New Brunswick, Nov. 29, 1843.


Page 64, line 6, read no law, for the law,
" 78, " (3, " nieces, " wives.
" 114, " 17, " sou " sue.
" 117, " 2, " 110 " 118.