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UNWONA (d. 800?), bishop of Leicester, described by Pits as ‘Cambro-Britannus,’ succeeded Eadbert as sixth bishop of that see some time after 781. He was present at a legatine council in 787, and was one of the witan of Offa [q. v.], king of Mercia, whose charters he attests during the remainder of his reign. His name also appears in two charters of Ecgfrith, Offa's son, but their genuineness is not above dispute. Unwona's name, however, reappears under Kenulf in 798 and 799. Matthew Paris says he was skilled in many languages, and was employed by Eadmer in translating into Latin ancient manuscripts, of which Leland conjectured that the ‘Life of St. Alban’ was one. He also represents Unwona as accompanying Offa at the invention and translation of St. Alban, but this, says Bishop Stubbs, ‘is fable.’ He died about 800, his successor, Werenbert, being appointed in or before 802.

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