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I am an inexperienced Wikisource editor, but an experienced Wikimedia project user in general.

My main focus currently is digitising History of Chemistry (Thorpe 1909, NY & London)/Volume I.

My previous focus were music scores, the ones entering my vision were:

Some seem to be broken due to the updates to LilyPond over the years.

I have only very rudimentary music training and very basic experience with LilyPond at this point. Digitising scores is my way of learning both. Because of this out of ignorance I can make some mistakes either in rendering or semantics, e.g. I do not distinguish relative keys. Please bear with me and feel free to poke me if you see something needed to be fixed.

I am also likely to proofread random pages I encounter here, such as what I was doing with Emma whilst reading it in the process. I am a Wikiogre with regards to the project, but there is rarely a week I am not editing elsewhere. I am quite well acquaintanced with the regular MediaWiki markup, I am a botmaster and I am capable of writing simple SQL and SPARQL queries, JS scripts. I might be able to provide some help if needed.

Useful links:


  • phab:T181322 — PDF export should render music scores natively, i.e. not as images.
    • wsexport/tool/issues/142 — the same for wsexport tool, the link is broken, need to check what is the status and the relevance of this is now

Not useful links:

  • quarry:query/23281 — list of users patrolling my edits by number of actions, seems to be broken now.