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The Holy Bible: Old Testament and Preface (King James Version)[edit]

First Half[edit]

Bible (King James)
Bible (King James)/Preface
Bible (King James)/Genesis
Bible (King James)/Exodus
Bible (King James)/Leviticus
Bible (King James)/Numbers
Bible (King James)/Deuteronomy
Bible (King James)/Joshua
Bible (King James)/Judges
Bible (King James)/Ruth
Bible (King James)/1 Samuel
Bible (King James)/2 Samuel
Bible (King James)/1 Kings
Bible (King James)/2 Kings
Bible (King James)/1 Chronicles
Bible (King James)/2 Chronicles
Bible (King James)/Ezra
Bible (King James)/Nehemiah
Bible (King James)/Esther
Bible (King James)/Job
Bible (King James)/Psalms