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How to setup a Bell Tent

Lay out groundsheet and peg loosely . Lay out tent canvas using groundsheet to position canvas. loop over the tab on base of wall with tie on groundsheet, over the peg. Don’t peg firmly as they may need slight adjustment after tension has been taken up. Attach guy lines and peg guys loosely, allowing enough slack to push up central pole. With door closed push up central pole, take into tent with one section remaining to be connected. Take up a little more tension by tightening guy lines. and position ‘A’ frame. (held in place by the velcro ties) Go inside tent and Fold under grey p.v.c. edge and laying edge of groundsheet on top. The two edges of the flap should be folded around peg to ensure water runs beneath groundsheet. When satisfied with shape re-tension the guy lines until tight and bang pegs in firmly. The principles of the optimum pitched bell tent relies on patience and taking up the tension gradually all the way round.