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A place to write down style conventions relating to the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913).


  • St., Bl. and Ven. for Saint, Blessed, Venerable. Pope St. for Pope Saint. Plurals Sts. and Vens.
  • There is no established convention for antipopes but this would undoubtedly help the reader.
  • "Diocese of X" instead of just "X" could be a help: currently there is no consistency.
  • Use of "The" is patchy.


  • Leading phrase is in bold in the original. Currently it is typically omitted.
  • Qualifying phrases may be in small caps.
  • End signature is in small caps.
  • References are in small, and within that should be small caps and italics.


Three clear cases:

  • (q. v.) cross-references in the text;
  • Caps cross-references in the text;
  • Reference sections.