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This is a maintenance page to note down OCR errors that might be worth checking for in the DNB.

1 goes to l[edit]

  • Yes check.svg Done l2 for 12
  • Yes check.svg Done l700, l701, l702
  • Yes check.svg Done l801 for 1801
  • l2mo for 12mo

a goes to n[edit]

  • nnd for and
  • rend for read

a goes to o[edit]

  • hod for had

a goes to s[edit]

  • slso for also

b goes to h[edit]

  • heen for been
  • hut for but

c goes to e[edit]

  • Dee. for Dec.
  • Diet. for Dict. Apply to: Adams's Dict. of the Drama - Algernon Graves's Dict. - Allibone, Dict. of English Literature - Allibone's Dict. - Allibone's Dict. Engl. Lit. - Biog. Dict. Soc. D. U. K. - Brown's Biog. Dict. of Musicians - Brown's Dict. of Musicians; - Bryan's Dict. of Painters and Engravers - Button's Mathematical Dict. - Canadian Biog. Dict. - Chalmers's Biog. Dict. - Chalmers's Biogr. Dict. - Dict. of Living Authors - Dict. Chr. Biogr. - Dict. Christian Biog - Drake's Dict. of American Biogr. - Ferrer's Biog. Dict. of Medallists - Gen. Dict. Hist. and Critical - Gillow's Bibl. Dict. - Graves's Dict. of Artists - Grove's Dict. of Music and Musicians - Halkett and Laing's Dict. of Anonymous Lit. - Heaton's Australian Dict. of Dates - Imperial Dict. of Biog. - J. D. Brown's Biographical Dict. of Musicians - Julian's Dict. of Hymnology - O'Byrne's Nav. Biogr. Dict. - O'Byrne's Nav. Biog. Dict. - Ottley, Dict. of Recent and Living Painters and Engravers - Papworth's Dict. of Architecture - Redgrave's Dict. of Artists - T. R. Roberts, Dict. of Eminent Welshmen - Rose's Biogr. Dict. - Savage's Genealogical Dict. - Strutt's Dict. of Engravers - Thespian Dict.

c goes to o[edit]

  • ools for cols
  • Soot for Scot

d goes to a[edit]

  • Yes check.svg Done Oxfora for Oxford

e goes to a[edit]

  • undar for under

e goes to c[edit]

  • Yes check.svg Done Biographic for Biographie

e goes to o[edit]

  • groat for great
  • ho for he
  • Juno for June
  • largo for large
  • Tato for Tate
  • tho for the
  • Yes check.svg Done throe for three
  • typo for type
  • whore for where

E goes to B[edit]

  • Baling for Ealing

F goes to E[edit]

  • Eraser for Fraser

F goes to P[edit]

  • Poster for Foster

f goes to l[edit]

  • alter his for after his

f goes to t[edit]

  • tire for fire
  • tor for for
  • ot for of

fo to ib[edit]

  • afibrded for afforded

h goes to b[edit]

  • bead for head
  • be had for he had
  • be was for he was
  • bim for him
  • bis for his
  • daugbter for daughter
  • Edinburgb for Edinburgh
  • preacbed for preached
  • tbe for the
  • witb for with

h goes to li[edit]

  • lie for he
  • liis for his
  • tlie for the
  • tlien for then
  • tliis for this
  • Jolin for John
  • wliich for which

h goes to n[edit]

  • nad for had
  • nigh for high
  • nis for his
  • Yes check.svg Done Marcn for March
  • tne for the
  • Yes check.svg Done tnese for these
  • witn for with
  • wnich for which

hi goes to In[edit]

  • Ins for his

hn goes to lui[edit]

  • Jolui for John

i goes to r[edit]

  • Arran for Arian

I goes to l[edit]

  • lago for Iago
  • lolo for Iolo
  • Roman numerals in lower case

il goes to u[edit]

  • stul for still

K goes to R[edit]

  • Rennet for Kennet

l goes to i[edit]

  • couid for could
  • Pari. for Parl.

li goes to h[edit]

  • comphcated for complicated
  • dehvered for delivered
  • Dubhn for Dublin
  • Enghsh for English
  • hfe for life
  • Juha for Julia
  • pubhshed for published
  • Welhngton for Wellington
  • Wilham for William

li goes to U[edit]

  • AUibone for Allibone
  • deUvered for delivered
  • EngUsh for English
  • estabUshed for established
  • Uterature for literature
  • pubUshed for published

m goes to in[edit]

  • becaine for became

m goes to ni[edit]

  • Doni. for Dom.

n goes to ji[edit]

  • Ajin for Ann

n goes to u[edit]

  • Loudon for London

ni goes to m[edit]

  • testimomal for testimonial

rn goes to m[edit]

  • bom for born
  • Chamock for Charnock
  • Comwallis for Cornwallis
  • Yes check.svg Done Comwell for Cornwell
  • modem for modern
  • Home Tooke for Horne Tooke

R goes to E[edit]

  • Eecord for Record
  • Eecords for Records
  • Eeg. for Reg.
  • Eegicides for Regicides
  • Eegiment for Regiment
  • Eegister for Register
  • Eep. for Rep.
  • Eelation for Relation
  • Eelatio for Relatio
  • Eeturn for Return
  • Eeynolds for Reynolds
  • Eeview for Review
  • Eichard for Richard
  • Eoger for Roger
  • Eogers for Rogers
  • Eolls for Rolls
  • Eot. for Rot.

R goes to Il[edit]

  • Ileg. for Reg.

R goes to K[edit]

  • Kecord for Record
  • Kees for Rees
  • Keg for Reg
  • Kegister for Register
  • Keign for Reign
  • Kemains for Remains
  • Keport for Report
  • Keturn for Return
  • Kev. for Rev.
  • Kobert for Robert
  • Koger for Roger
  • Kogers for Rogers
  • Kolls for Rolls
  • Koyal for Royal
  • Kuskin for Ruskin
  • Kymer for Rymer

s goes to a[edit]

  • aa for as
  • firat for first
  • hia for his
  • pariah for parish
  • waa for was

t goes to i[edit]

  • liitle for little

u goes to a[edit]

  • Brit. Mas. for Brit. Mus.

u goes to ii[edit]

  • Jiily for July

u goes to n[edit]

  • Lander for Lauder

u goes to Ti[edit]

  • Tinder for under

un goes to im[edit]

  • imder for under

v goes to y[edit]

  • Yes check.svg Done oyer for over

y goes to v[edit]

  • annov for annoy
  • bv for by
  • historv for history
  • Italv for Italy
  • Yes check.svg Done laving for laying
  • vears for years
  • vou for you