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I am DonTrung (徵國單). This is “my” Wikisource page.

Qing Dynasty coins issued under the Guangxu Emperor.

I will add more Wikisource-specific text here later when I'll find the time to edit here.

DonTrung on Wikisource[edit]

I plan on eventually scanning and importing books here as I go along, for now I mostly plan on uploading Annam and its minor currency by Eduardo Toda y Güell. -- DonTrung (徵國單)  (討論 🤙🏻) (方孔錢 ☯) 10:20, 4 December 2017 (UTC)


Preliminary Remarks

Geographical and Historical Notes

Chronological Tables of the Annamese Dynasties

Situation of Annam as an Independent Country


Manufacture of Coins

False Coinage, and Penal Laws relating thereto

Magazines for Coins, and Laws referring to them

Customs and superstitions connected with Coins

Paper-money in Annam PART II. History of the Coinage.

The Ngo Family. The twelve Suquan. The Dinh Dynasty. The former Le Dynasty. - 940-1010 A.D.

The Ly Dynasty. - 1010-1225.

The Tran Dynasty. - 1225-1414.

Rebels. - 1368-1420.

Chinese domination and war of independence. - 1414-1428.

The Le Dynasty. - 1428-1785. ( Part 1, Part 2 )

Rebels. 1459-1532.

The Mac and Nguyen Governments.

The Tay-son Rebellion. 1764-1801.

Chinese intervention in Tunquin, and the Nguyen Dynasty.

The Nguy-khoi Rebellion. The Nung Rebellion. Doubtful Coins. 1600 to date.

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My Meta-Wiki user page (for additional information)[edit]

Trung Quoc Don - 徵國單
Ch'i Kuk-Sŏn - Chō Kokutan
If you are interested in seeing the articles I’ve started then go to w:nl:Gebruiker:Donald Trung/Mijn werk 🏢, if you wish to collaborate with me and everyone else on those articles then be bold and improve them. 😉 If you’re also interested in the science of studying coins and their history then go join a local WikiProject on numismatics, if you’re from a Wiki that doesn’t have one you should feel free to create one.
Generally I tend to be busy so I might not be able to respond on time, I'm most likely to be at Wikimedia Commons so it’s probably best to contact me there but if you’re here from another page then you should probably contact me there as I don't like conversing outside of the concerned page. Also I prefer to talk on-wiki so don't invite me off-wiki as I am even less likely to respond in time there. If you want a picture 📷 of anything near me then ask me on Commons.

My editing style[edit]

How I pre-select the images that I(‘ll) upload… 🤔[edit]

Images (of coins) I plan on uploading. 📸📲⬆[edit]

The types of coins I prefer writing about (and taking pictures 📷of), though it's not uncommon for me to venture into other numismatic endeavours.

Note 📝: This list I make here to remind myself to upload these images to Wikimedia Commons, I wrote this list on Wednesday July 12th, 2017 as basically “a snapshot” of my direct plans on images for uploading, after I’ve made, and then uploaded the image I shall insert them here as a thumb 👍🏻.

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Late Qing Dynasty coins 👲🏻[edit]

2500 years of cast Chinese coinage 💴[edit]

a Jurchen Jin Dynasty coin 💴[edit]

various Nguyễn Dynasty coins together. 💴💳💴[edit]

Minh Mang zinc & copper coins[edit]

Machine-struck Cash 💰 coins.[edit]

Thanh Thai Thong Bao ⚱[edit]

Thanh Thai cast & milled coins together. 🎏💰📸[edit]

A Guāng Xù Zhòng Bǎo (光緒重寶) coin. 👲🏻[edit]

This section was added on July 20th, 2017.

A Mín-Guó Tōng-Bǎo (民國通寶) 🏛[edit]

This section was added on July 20th, 2017.

Banknotes. 💴💵💶💷[edit]

The story of me collecting paper money 💴 recalls probably my earliest memory, when I was 4 (four) years old I was fascinated by the ƒ 10,- banknote, its colours seemed wondrous in my young eyes 👀, so one day I asked my father if he could give me ƒ 10,- so he went to his “office 🏢 room” upstairs, and then printed out a copy of that banknote, then I told him that I only wanted it for the beautiful colours, so he gave me some colouring pens and said “then colour it in”, so I did. I still have that print to this day. A decade later in another house 🏠 I was cleaning the attic when suddenly I found this big Brown folder 📁 with plastic sheets inside, I opened it up and it was filled with banknotes from all over the world, though I’ve been collecting coins since I was 5 years old (especially the “2-headed” Juliana & Beatrix coins, or the “Football ⚽ ƒ 5,- coins), I did so sporadically and only took out of circulation what I got in the stores (once even preferring a “two-headed” Guilder over a pack of Pokémon cards 🃏), but that moment impressed something on me, I asked my mother and my father if I could have their banknotes and they said “yes”, I’ve been a money 💴 collector ever since.

The banknotes I’ll upload here to Wikimedia Commons will be judged more harshly, I shall first check if not a good quality picture 📷 exists of that banknote here, then I’ll make sure that it doesn't violate any copyright © claims, and then I’ll upload them. 📤

French Indo-Chinese Banknotes. 🏧💸[edit]

Netherlands Indies. 🏝[edit]


Explaining my reasoning behind my Wikipedian expansions and how it relates to my “mission” here on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

The type of picture 📷 Wikimedia Commons is missing… although ironically the example I use are Northern Song dynasty coins which Wikimedia Commons DOES have enough of. 😅

What Commons is missing (as of July 19th, 2017)[edit]

Primal Trek (primaltrek) by Gary Ashkenazy (גארי אשכנזי )[edit]

Dutch shops and stores. 🏬[edit]

Currently I am busy uploading pictures of Dutch shops and stores that don't have an image on Dutch Wikipedia, though many articles exist it's not uncommon for there to be no image (sometimes other than the logo), for that reason I have a "to-do list 📝" of Dutch shops with Wikipedia articles that lack an image. Personally what I find the saddest about the lack of images in these categories is that many supermarkets and shops that no longer exist don't have a single image on Commons, as an encyclopedia Wikipedia would greatly benefit from having illustrative images added to these articles as the saying goes "a picture 📷 says a thousand words" which I admittedly hated as a saying for most of my life but recently have seen the value of, you can describe a store in detail but still would fail to illustrate it as adequately as with an image.

Of course I do not limit my uploads to those shops and stores but I think that those currently (as of October 3rd, 2017) as some stores have been announced to close, or rebrand and if we do not document them now we might never do so, this doesn't mean that I have a COI with them, if anything improving Wikipedia for the sake of improving Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects should be seen as the opposite of "advertising" but unfortunately a culture of "spamophobia" that hurts building the encyclopedia is more prevalent than a culture of improving Wikipedia itself, of course I would never promote the subjects of my photography, in fact I have often had bad experiences with many of them, but I think that their educational value exceeds my grudges towards many of them, though this doesn't mean that I will photograph every store I see, I look for them first on Dutch Wikipedia before I take the picture 📷 and I'm a lot more passionate about numismatics than I am about shops and stores. 😅

What I hope some of my photographs might accomplish in the future.[edit]

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