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I am DonTrung (徵國單). This is “my” Wikisource page.

1 wén Guāng Xù Tōng Bǎo (光緒通寶) compared to a 10 wén Guāng Xù Yuán Bǎo (光緒元寶)
Qing Dynasty coins issued under the Guangxu Emperor.

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I plan on eventually scanning and importing books here as I go along, for now I mostly plan on uploading Annam and its minor currency by Eduardo Toda y Güell. -- DonTrung (徵國單)  (討論 🤙🏻) (方孔錢 ☯) 10:20, 4 December 2017 (UTC)


Preliminary Remarks

Geographical and Historical Notes

Chronological Tables of the Annamese Dynasties

Situation of Annam as an Independent Country


Manufacture of Coins

False Coinage, and Penal Laws relating thereto

Magazines for Coins, and Laws referring to them

Customs and superstitions connected with Coins

Paper-money in Annam PART II. History of the Coinage.

The Ngo Family. The twelve Suquan. The Dinh Dynasty. The former Le Dynasty. - 940-1010 A.D.

The Ly Dynasty. - 1010-1225.

The Tran Dynasty. - 1225-1414.

Rebels. - 1368-1420.

Chinese domination and war of independence. - 1414-1428.

The Le Dynasty. - 1428-1785. ( Part 1, Part 2 )

Rebels. 1459-1532.

The Mac and Nguyen Governments.

The Tay-son Rebellion. 1764-1801.

Chinese intervention in Tunquin, and the Nguyen Dynasty.

The Nguy-khoi Rebellion. The Nung Rebellion. Doubtful Coins. 1600 to date.

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