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The recent discussion of "The free library" got me to thinking about this...

Parallel slogans that work perfectly[edit]

These slogans clarify a project goal perfectly and don't sound redundant.

  • Wikipedia – "The free encyclopedia"
  • Wikisource – "The free library"
  • Wiktionary – "The free dictionary" (not actually used) sounds much better than "Dictionary and thesaurus."

All of the above easily employ the definite article (the word "the") perfectly, something which is difficult or impossible for the projects listed below.

More problematic project names/slogans[edit]

  • Wikiquote – "Free quotations" (not actually used) would not be bad, though it sounds a bit redundant. The current "Collection of quotations" is descriptive but bland.
  • Wikibooks – "Free textbooks and manuals" is accurate though slightly bland.
  • Wikinews – "Free news" (not actually used) is far more attractive than the current "Free textbooks and manuals" though it sounds slightly redundant.
  • Commons – Why not "Free media" or "Shared media" instead of the ugly "Shared media repository"?
  • Wikispecies – "Directory of species" is equally direct and bland. Is there any way to make this better?
  • Meta-Wiki – Currently "Wikimedia project coordination." Maybe just "Project coordination" would be better.