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Helper, SWMT,translator, Wikimedia Projects
"Those who sacrifices themselves for science, will be remembered!"'

About me

Hi im Grind24 a contributor to wikimedia foundation projects. Also an active contributor to various Open source projects (GNU/Linux). I enjoy studying computing topics, especially security.Of times I am mediating between the WMF and the French community. I don't like how many people think or assume en:WP:BRD is something you are required to follow, or an excuse to revert. Instead, something like "Reverted good-faith edits..." can make a world of a difference when reverting disputable content. It is more friendly and conducive to a collaborative environment, and helps prevent any potential temperament.

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My work

Please see my workshop and Gs eyes first. I'm an sysop on Outreach wiki,Mediawiki... My main task is anti vandalism, answer user's questions and help newcomers get acquainted with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. I particularly focus on patrolling sw, to help for translation-related matters,report LTA and take part in the maintenance projects. I'm a very active member on cross-wiki issues/tasks. For online works, I promote about WMF in many sites, and help clean up redundant contents on Wikimedia's backstage projects (I almost always appear in the Wikimania's wikis). I translated MediaWiki software interface on

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SWMTSRMVandalism reportsGeneral requestsWikimedia ForumRFCM:RFCBabelConfirmationGs eyesWorkshop

Feel free to leave any coments about my SWMT work/Translation work or Global work on Confirmation pages.

  • I will read them and think about it. Positive comments are also appreciated.
  • I revert vandalism or tag test/spam pages for deletion.
  • If you think I made a mistake, please notify me.
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This translator translates from
French to English.
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Grind24 [stalktoy] – [cross-wiki edits]
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