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Student of Political Science, French, and Spanish Active on CouchSurfing Wiki and Librivox


Wikisource function[edit]

Currently trying to organize, standardize, and expand Newspaper articles. I use this page to organize my Wikisource work.

Newspapers convention model - Davis Inaugration


TO DO[edit]

Anarchism and Other Essays[edit]

  • remove footer2, editorial and title info, fix refs and quotes


Add translator info

KSR v. Teleflex[edit]

  • reformat/watch

The Laxdaela Saga[edit]

  • split

commons:Karl Bodmer[edit]

  • add images remaining from NYPL[1]

commons:Gustave Doré[edit]

Tales of Mother Goose[edit]

  • Interlink other language tales
  • add other versions


  • upload Librivox Newspaper articles[2] to Commons and link to wikisource pages
  • link to and from wikipedia
  • wikify
  • categorize articles
  • add template:textinfo and that other temp
  • draft a header for newspapers (is this useful?, fit with Wikisource?)
    • Metadata is there a way to have something akin to dynamic cataloging. prety unwiki but Wikisource is so different
  • cut up Lodge committee and still link them all together?
  • Add scans of articles
  • move Our City Railraods scan to wikimedia commons
  • add comments to table
  • Fix headers (switch to header2)
  • figure out how to add articles (OCR)
  • move NYT articles to The_New_York_Times/title of article. change links to correspond
  • find the rest of From Washington: Abolition of Slavery

Case Law[edit]

w:Wikipedia talk:WikiProject U.S. Supreme Court cases

Category:United States Supreme Court decisions, Portal:Supreme Court of the United States


  • add link to wikipedia