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I are born at 1960, Madrid, Spain. I have studied Biology, title of Insurance broker ( 10 yearks working at Insurance), and are professional programmer in Visual FoxPro (another 10 years). My first hobby are Old home computers & Video game consoles (my nick at all sites i are active is museo8bits and make reference to my website, El Museo de los 8 Bits ), and are one of first collectors of Spain (over 100 computers & consoles and more of 3000 original software units). I "sputting english" due all first software for the Sinclair Spectrum (my first computer) are in english. I participe at events as MadriSX&Retro or RetroEuskal, I are vendor at most online auctions sites with the same nick, and founder of iSubastas and AUSO.

I are at the Web / BBS from 1200 bauds modems, I are ex-poin at FidoNet and cosysop at many BBS prev to jump to Internet. After hosting my website at many free hosting sites as Geocities, with a ADSL with fix IP, I make my server over Linux at 2000. I have make my website with PHP, Perl y MySQL

I also have another poject : a Virtual Library in spanish (with works in another languages) dedicatet only to Public Domain, to spread this by Web, FTP or P2P, for read from computers to mobile phones (available formats arent : HTML, plain text, PDF, MS-eBook LIT, Mobipocket eBook PRC and XML in OpenOffice format). When I found I include at my chain of production of a new eBook the upload to Wikisource. Recent I have included a experimental unified author search fo Project Gutenberg, brazilian Dóminio Público and Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes.