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I am an enthusiast for older films, cartoons, and TV shows, and I am the founder of WikiProject Film. At Wikisource I mostly work on transcriptions of public-domain films, as Wikisource's coverage of films is very lacking. I also upload lots of film videos to Wikimedia Commons.

I will mercilessly use content from public domain works, sometimes without context or attribution. That's the beauty of the freedoms associated with the public domain.

Occasionally I will also transcribe books here.

Useless stuff for anyone but me:

General content disclaimer[edit]

As I am a transcriber of some really old films and books, some of the works I transcribe will reflect some offensive and morally reprehensible views which were commonly held at the time the text was written, or perhaps were just the view of the author, or of certain characters within the text. In relation to any offensive content especially, I do not condone any particular viewpoints conveyed or encouraged in the works I transcribe, in any way whatsoever. I support the preservation of the entirety of works, including even the most vile of their content. Distasteful or factually incorrect statements/implications in the works should be kept as is so the reader can understand the true and original perspective of the author. I in no way think that the message of such narratives should be taken as authoritative.

If any readers want to censor or change some of this content outside of serious preservation projects like Wikisource or Gutenberg, etc., as the works are in the public domain that is their business, but the preserved originals should remain the source of such remixed works.

Works made by me (all released into the public domain)[edit]

Nostalgia (from my younger years)[edit]

  • Armaneens, an unfinished comic book I made cumulatively when I was in middle school
  • Revengers of D'Equois, an unfinished novel I was writing in a notebook in around 8th grade






Copyright is immoral[edit]

"What do you want to download that old, obscure film for? You shall not download it, if I can help it!"

I am against copyright as a concept, as I believe copyright is a rather gross abridgment of freedom of expression and, especially in the Internet age, tends to be more harmful to archivists etc., while being overly protective of massive corporations. Copyright as it functions today mostly only serves the rich well, and screws over everyone else. People could still make money on art without copyright laws, and people actually once did, before copyright as a concept existed.

Copyright being morally correct is the status quo in our society though, and most people disagree with me as they believe it's a good thing. Consensus is against me on this one, I am aware, but I'm also aware that most people, believing in copyright, have no experience being an archivist on the Internet, and aren't aware of the legal baggage that comes with something being copyrighted—i.e. the very large amount of things you cannot technically do with something that is copyrighted. Lots of those same people (almost everyone) commit acts of copyright infringement on a regular basis, without even knowing it, and still think that copyright as a concept is moral and should be upheld. Ever downloaded a picture from Google Images and sent it to your buddy? Well, you most likely just committed copyright infringement, nearly every time you did this, as most photos on the Internet are copyrighted, even if they're viewable on Google Images etc. And that's just ridiculous!

Lots of those same people are also not aware of the algorithms sites on the Internet such as YouTube have to put in place to protect copyright, which allow corporations and individuals to massively corrupt that system. It's about impossible for me to watch a YouTube video with fairly used content without thinking it will any random day of the week be taken down for "copyright infringement", and that's most of YouTube's video content! Take copyright out of the picture, and all those problems go away. I actually think that there should be some laws to protect people from corporations abusing copy-protection measures such as DRMs.

And sure, there might be a few people who copy a work and claim it as their own, and make more of the money off of it than the original creator, as no system is perfect. That's the common story of "why copyright needs to exist". But practically every case of copyright being used does damage to a whole ton of people's work, hobbies, and even sometimes hurts their lives, while the amount of cases where someone's idea is abused for profit is comparatively very miniscule. It wouldn't be the apocalyptic nightmare that most people imagine it to be to take away copyright law.

So, to be consistent with my belief that copyright is immoral, and not be hypocritical, I release all my works, that I ever do publicize, into the public domain whenever legally possible. Therefore, my user page, and all its subpages, any versions of those pages, or any other content I submit on this site (unless otherwise specified) is hereby released into the public domain:

I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible:
I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.