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Revengers of D'Equois (2013)
Chapter 1: Killing in Toronto

Chapter 1: Killing in Toronto

The city of Toronto is the city with the largest population in all of Canada. People of all sorts of ethnicities live there; Arabs, Hispanics, Frenchmen, Englishmen, Americans, etc.! Many different religions are practiced there, especially Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The city is generally a peaceful place, not to mention it is the capital of the province of Ontario.

Just because Toronto is a huge city does not mean it is a utopian society. Many crimes happen there, and many people get away with them. This is usually how it is in big cities like that. One especially popular criminal raided Toronto one day. The outlaw serial killer Pierre d'Equois from Québec, who is wanted by the police with a reward of $300,000, destroyed a couple neighborhoods in eastern Toronto, but it was a mistake for d'Equois to mess with the Jones family.

Billy and Andrew Jones, who were both 12 years old, were watching television cartoons and entertaining themselves, when suddenly a man with big muscles and ragged clothes covered up by a big jacket, broke in the window with a gun in his hand. Billy and Andrew ran for their lives and jumped out the window which the scary man broke in from. They ran through the streets as fast as they could until they found a drainage pipe under the highway. They hid in there for about 2 hours, and not a word came out of their mouthes. Finally, Billy said, "Let's check back at the house and see what happened."

"Okay," said Andrew.

Billy and Andrew went back to their neighborhood and found out that their neighborhood was completely destroyed. This man destroyed windows, flower vases, cars, and they even saw dead bodies lying on the ground.

They went to their house and went inside. Their parents were both dead; lying in the living room. Tears came running out of their eyes. They touched their mother and father, and Andrew said:

"What kind of awful, terrible man would do such madness?"

"He has no heart. No emotions. A heart as small as a pea."

Andrew saw a cut piece of a newspaper. "'Ey, Billy, look at this!"

Billy took the paper and read it. It said:

"Outlaw Pierre d'Equois Escapes Police Chase

5 months ago, Pierre d'Equois from Québec vandalized, stole, and killed many people in Chisasibi, Québec. The police attempted to catch him but failed, and he headed southwest, so we can predict he was going to Toronto or some other part of Ontario. If you see d'Equois, please report to the police station immediately. $300,000 reward for his capture."

(It also shows a picture of d'Equois below this article)

Andrew said, "'Ey, that is the murderer of our parents and our neighbors."

"Indeed it is... I'd like to get even with that d'Eqoyqoywhateverhisnameis guy."

"You're right. $300,000 is a nice reward. We shall find him. Where do you think that scoundrel went?"

"Maybe back to Québec somewhere."

"Well, before the police investigate our house and put us in an orphanage, let's pack up some food, money, and clothing and chase the French criminal."

"Yes, let's do that now."

They packed up and ran away. The boys were headed for the French-speaking province of Québec.