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Chapter 2: Lake Ontario

The Jones brothers ran with their packs on their backs south through Toronto. They ran past street beggers, grocery stores, bears, deer, taxi drivers, even their own friends, but completely ignored everything in their path. Finally, they came to a huge lake. There was a sign in front of the lake that said:



They read the sign. "Lake Ontario, eh?" said Andrew. "We can cross Lake Ontario and go to New York, and it will be harder for the police to find us."

"That's a good idea, but I thought we were going to Québec."

"If we go through New York headed northeast, we will reach Vermont, then go north in Vermont and we'll be in Québec."

"But how do we know d'Equois is in Québec?"

"We don't, Billy, but if we go to his home province, we may be able to find his house in Chisasibi, thus finding more information about d'Equois, and maybe find out where he went."

"How will we get there?" Billy asked.

"Good question..."

Just then, Billy noticed a canoe tied to a tree on the beach. It was a long way away, but it looked like it would float very well, and it had 4 paddles, so they could use 2 paddles per person. Andrew checked his watch. It was 5:03 PM.

"It's 5:03 PM now. If we head down the lake south now on that canoe, we shall be in New York before 10:30," said Andrew.

"Sounds like a plan."

They untied the canoe and dragged it into the water. Someone asked if the canoe was theirs, and they lied and said it was. They jumped on the canoe and canoed south toward New York. It was long and boring, mainly just paddling quietly. At 6:43, Billy said, "We may never get there."

"The compass says we're going in the right direction," said Andrew. "Just be patient, eh?"

They finally reached New York at 8:57. They found some woods, and they grabbed their packs and tied the canoe to a tree. They saw carved graffiti on the tree that said:


"Ey, this is definitely New York," said Andrew.

Just then, they heard a boy screaming for help.

"It's coming from that direction," Billy said. "Let's check it out."