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Chapter 3: Marcus Lovejoy

Billy and Andrew ran toward the boy's scream. In the middle of the woods, they found the boy, and he was surrounded by seven police officers with his hands up. Billy and Andrew hid behind a bush. They recognized the boy, but didn't remember who he was until he said something.

"But I didn't come here from Canada," the boy said.

"Why is it that you rode here on a raft from Lake Ontario?" one officer asked.

"I decided to paddle here from northeastern New York," the boy said. "I wanted an adventure."

"Why do you have a Canadian accent?"

"I'm from Canada, but I lived here for a year."

"Since you're a kid, we won't put you in jail; at least not yet," an officer said. "There is a courthouse in western Buffalo, and this is the address. If you don't show up tomorrow at 8 PM, we'll track you down, and you and your family will be charged," and the officer gave him a sheet of paper.

"And don't think you can run away. We are trained police officers. We will track you down," another officer said.

With that said, the officers left, and when they left, the boy threw the sheet of paper in the water and ran off.

"'Ey, Billy, that kid is my friend Marcus Lovejoy from school last year," Andrew whispered.

"Oh, the kid from Liverpool, England. I remember him."

"I know he was lying when he said he lived in America for a year. He illegally came here too. Let's go talk to him."

They ran after Marcus. They finally caught up to him and Andrew yelled to Marcus. He stopped.

"'Ey, Marcus, we came to New York from Toronto, too," Billy said. "Do you remember us? School last year–"

"Yes, I know," Marcus stated. "You came to New York to make it easier to go to Chisasibi without being caught by the police. You want to go find Pierre d'Equois' house and find out where he plans to go so you can turn him in to the police or some other form of revenge."

"How do you know all this?" Andrew asked.

"My friend Granger told me," he replied. "though I'm not sure where he got this information."

"That is crazy, eh?" Billy said. "Now I'm convinced this 'Granger' guy must be psychic or something. As far as I know, no one heard us talking about revenge, Québec, Chisasibi, Lake Ontario, or New York."

"I seldom care about how he knew," Andrew said. "I only hope the information doesn't reach the police."

"That set aside, did you come to New York to find us?" Billy asked Marcus.

"Not really," Marcus said. "Since I heard you came here I decided it was a good idea to come myself. My parents died as well, and I did not want to go to an orphanage, so I ran away just like you did. Although, I shall get out of New York, since I was told to go to court, where they will find out for sure who I am and put me in jail or in an orphanage."

"We have not been caught yet," Billy explained. "and you know we are headed to Québec from here by going east through New York and north through Vermont in order to get to Québec and blah blah blah... you know what our plan is. My point is, Marcus, would you like to come with us? We may need your help."

"Well, I am not happy that d'Equois killed my whole family and many of my friends," Marcus responded. "and a $300,000 reward sounds like it would make us quite rich. I will happily go with you. That is better than going to jail."

"Thank you for joining us," Andrew happily said. "We will split our $300,000 reward. We will each get $100,000 when the day of the reward comes."

"We should think of a name for our revenge party," Marcus suggested.

They all agreed on this idea. They wrote a list of names they could possibly use on a sheet of paper. Some of the names they listed were the "ABM Trio" (standing for Andrew, Billy, Marcus), "Avengers," "Jovials," and "Let's Catch d'Equois," but the name "Revengers of d'Equois" was the only name everyone agreed on, so that was their name they picked.

"Now, Revengers of d'Equois, we mustn't stay here much longer," Billy said. "We shall hurry to Vermont before we get in some kind of trouble, but let's eat first."

So they all ate a dinner of sandwiches and potato chips, and then ran through the woods as fast as they could. They found the end of the woods and saw a small neighborhood. They decided to look for bicycles so they could get to Vermont faster.