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Chapter 4: Lakeside High School Theft

They searched the neighborhood for bikes. They came across a big building that was under construction. A sign in front of the building said:

"Lakeside High School



There were four bikes parked beside a tree. They noticed the bikes, but they also noticed that the building wasn't being patrolled. They hid 3 of the bikes they found behind the school, and searched around the school for more things they may need.

"We should look for a way to get inside," Billy suggested. "If we're looking for supplies, they're most likely in here."

They searched for a way to get in. They tried the front door, some side doors, back doors, and windows, but they were all locked. Although, they eventually found a wooden door. They tested it, and it was locked just like the others were.

"Aw, this one's locked, too," Marcus said, angrily.

"But it's a wooden door," Andrew explained. "We can carve a hole in the door with our saws."

So they got out their saws and carved a big hole in the wooden door. They went inside. It was a small closet with no light switch inside, so they had to use their flashlights. The closet was filled with mostly cleaning supplies. The 3 boys assumed it was a closet in which the janitors stored their supplies. The only thing they found useful was a spray bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner™, which was completely full. They packed it in case they needed to poison someone with it or something.

"'Ey, look," said Marcus. "There's a door right there."

"I don't see it."

"It's covered up by these boxes. Let's try to open it."

They moved the boxes (which were empty) and opened the door. They found themselves in a public restroom. The stall doors were not yet installed, and there were no urinals. They went to the door which exits the bathroom, then Andrew said,

"Let's split up and search the school for anything useful. Pick up every penny you find of money. If you find money, take it all. Report back here in 15 minutes."

So they all split up. Andrew went inside the principal's future office and found some $7.48 of change and a Visa™ credit card. He also checked some classrooms and found a contract of some sort lying around and a candy bar.

Billy searched the hallways and found an abridged version of Robin Hood lying on the floor. It had a lot of pages town out of it, so he threw it in the trash can. He searched the remainder of the classrooms, some of which had nothing in them but some paint and duck tape. He took 3 rolls of duck-tape and a small rope.

Marcus searched everywhere else. He found a huge room and guessed it would be the gym. He found a frisbee and more duck tape. He searched more and found a chain with someone's keys on it. He took that too. He found another big room with a big stage. This would probably be the school's auditorium. He found a design for the entire school on a chair, and he took the design.

The Revengers of d'Equois all met up at the men's restroom doors 15 minutes after they left like they said they would. They all shared what they found and exited the school the way they came.

They all went behind the building, got their bikes, and rode away. It was 11:14 PM. They had all night to do what they wanted. They spent the whole night going east through New York.