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Chapter 6: Montpelier

It took them about 6 hours to get to Montpelier, Vermont, just like Mr. Hooker guessed. Mr. Hooker drove the Revengers through the rest of New York and dropped them all off at a Baptist Church near a small neighborhood.

"Alrigh', 'ere's yer stop," Mr. Hooker said. "Git yer stuff outta th' car and get goin'. G'luck t'y'all."

They got their packs and their bikes out, and Mr. Hooker drove away. The 3 boys went behind the church and discussed their plan for that night. After that, they set their compasses up, and headed north through Montpelier.

The boys noticed that, for a capital city, Montpelier was not very populous. In fact, Montpelier is the least populous of all the capitals of the United States.

"'Ey, what's up with this city?" Billy asked. "It's a state capital. Why is the city so small?"

"A capital does not have to be the biggest or most populous city in the state to be a capital," Marcus answered. "It just has to be a good place for the state's government to be set up."

It did not take very long to reach the end of Montpelier, but right when they were about to leave the capital, Andrew noticed that they were all running out of food, so they all decided to look around the city for some food to pack.

They started in a small neighborhood. A woman had just come back home from the grocery store.

The boys saw the groceries, hid behind a tree, and waited until she brought some groceries in the house. When she brought some inside, they rode quickly to the lady's car and grabbed a couple groceries without looking to see what was inside, rode quickly away, and turned at the next left turn. They hid behind a bush, and looked at the groceries they stole. They found pancake mix, eggs, peanut butter, jelly, and syrup in Billy's bag. Marcus' bag had hamburger meat, buns, tomatoes, ketchup, lettuce, and unions in it. Andrew's bag had vegetable oil, apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, and peas. They packed it all up and rode away as quickly as they could.

They came up to an Evangelical Lutheran Church, and they searched for a way to get inside the church. They tried the front doors, but they were obviously locked. They tried the back door and it was locked too, but whoever was responsible for locking the church's doors forgot to lock one of the side doors, so they went in through that door and looked around. It was a very nice, small church. There was 1 pastor who preached there, and about 60-70 people came to worship at the church.

It did not take very long for the boys to find a kitchen in the church. The church kept their Sunday school snacks and snacks for special occasions in this kitchen. The Revengers stole some Goldfish™ crackers, orange juice, soda, pretzels, and cake mix. After that, they searched the church some more. They looked in the alter, and inside a door next to the alter they found some hosts, bread, and wine, but they didn't take the wine, since they were taught never to drink alcohol underage. They stole the hosts and the bread and saw no point in searching any further, so they left.

They rode further away and found a couple apple trees. They took all the apples they could and searched some more. They also found a field of crops and stole some corn and carrots. Nearby, there was a chicken farm. The people who lived in the farm were not home, so the boys killed a couple chickens there, bagged them up, and packed them in their bags, and they left immediately.

They rode to a grocery store. Someone had left their shopping cart and their groceries beside their car. Billy, Andrew, and Marcus grabbed 3 bags and immediately rode away. They went in the woods to see what they found. They found milk, more eggs, orange juice, and soda in one bag. Another bag had ADHD medicine, Tylenol, Pepto Bismal, and cough drops in it. The last bag had saltine crackers, a can of chicken-noodle soup, and a bag of Chex-Mix. They packed it all in their bags and rode off.

"'Ey, I think that's enough food for a couple days," Marcus said.

"Yes, I agree," Billy said. "Let's head off."

So they exited Montpelier and continued to go north through Vermont. Their goal was not to sleep until they got to Québec. It was 1:54 A.M.!