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Unnamed and unfinished chapter

Chapter 9:

Marcus, Andrew, and Billy slept for about 6 hours. They did not awaken from their sleep a single time. They did not move or talk in their sleep very much at all. They were extremely tired, since the 3 boys spent 6 hours traveling to the border that night.

Later that day, at exactly 1:21 PM, a man in a U-Haul truck parked in the house's driveway. The man opened the door and jumped out of the U-Haul truck, opened the trailor, and took out a heavy box. He carried the box to the door, entered the four digit password on the keypad alarm, and carried the box into the house. He hauled the box into one of the bedrooms. When he walked in he saw a young boy (which was Marcus) lying on the bed curled in a red sleeping bag. He was shocked and had no idea how the boy snuck inside the house. He also didn't know why the boy decided to camp out in the house.

The man checked to see if the mysterious stranger was breathing. When he found out he was breathing, he was relieved that he was alive. The man searched the rest of the house to get a better idea of what was going on. He looked in the garage and found the Revengers' bikes. He looked in the other bedrooms, and found two more kids (Billy and Andrew) lying in the beds covered in sleeping bags. He checked each of them to see if they were breathing, just as he did with Marcus, and they were alive as well. He searched everywhere else, and when he was finished searching, he took his phone out. He considered dialing 911, but he thought he should wake one of the kids up and ask him some questions before making other decisions.

He went into the room where Marcus was sleeping and tried to wake him up.

"Garçon! Se réveiller!" the man yelled. Marcus didn't wake up, so he yelled the same French phrase repeatedly until he woke up. When Marcus finally woke up, he jumped.

"Who are you?" Marcus asked.

"Oh, you speak English," the man said. "I am Louis Hans. Zee better question eez; who are you?"

"Oh, uh, I am a real estate agent," Marcus said. "My co-workers and I were making sure that the house is clean. When we were done working, we decided to sleep in the house. We're sorry for the inconv–"

"You're teenagers," Louis said. "and yet you expect me to believe zat you are real estate agents."

"We're not teenagers," Marcus said. "We're just small."

"Eef you do not tell me vhy you are here, I vill call zee police."

"Oh, man! You caught me. You're smart," Marcus said. "We...uh...our parents are in Manitoba for 2 weeks on vacation and left us home. We just decided to run away for a day and explore this town. When it got dark and we got tired, one of my brothers found this house for sale, so we broke in the house and slept in the bedrooms here."

"Vhere do you live?" Louis asked.

"Uh... Montréal..." he said.

"Montréal?" Louis asked. "You could not possibly have come zees far on bikes. Also, vhy do you not know French?"

"Well, we used a subway," Marcus said. "Our parents had subway tokens, so we took them and used them at the subway station. When the train stopped, we exited the subway and rode our bikes the rest of the way. We don't speak French because we moved here only a week ago."

Louis turned on his cell phone.

"Let me speak to your parents," Louis demanded. "Vhat eez zeir phone number?"

"I don't remember," he said. "My brother knows their number. I will wake him up."

So Marcus went into the room where Andrew was sleeping. He closed the door and woke Andrew up. When Andrew awoke, they whispered to each other. Marcus told Andrew everything that happened as quickly as he could, and they came up with a plan. Marcus took the phone he found in Vermont out of his pocket, turned it on, and looked at the screen to see what the phone's number was. When he memorized it, he gave the phone to Andrew, and Andrew snuck out the window of the bedroom.

Marcus opened the door and walked into the bedroom where Louis was.

"Okay," Marcus said. "The number is 403-555-6968."

Louis dialed the number on his cell phone and held the phone to his ear. The phone rung for about 6 seconds and then Andrew picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Andrew said with the best impression of a middle-aged man as he could make.

"Hello," Louis said. "My name eez Louis Hans. I called you because I found your cheeldren playing around een zee house I'm moving eento."

"What?" said Andrew. "You're joking around with me, right?"

"No, zey broke een zees house last night," Louis said. "I found them sleeping een zee bedroom vhen I was hauling a box een zee house."

"Oh, no!" Andrew exclaimed. "I will never trust them at the house by themselves again. Where are they right now?"

"Zees house eez een Dunham, Québec."

"All the way in Dunham? How on Earth did the brats get all the way over there?"

"Zey said zey took a subway using your subway tokens part of zee way and rode zeir bikes zee rest of zee way."

"Oh, I can't tell you how incredibly sorry I am," he said. "Let me speak to them.