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The User's Page,
the Electronic Stead in Which "PubSyr" Can Be Found

Work Here Begun in 2021

Although my account within Wikimedia's services has been extant for some time, it was not until 2021 that I, PubSyr, ventured into the lands Wikisource to pursue my own efforts here. On Wikipedia I mostly do small corrections on topics that pass my way, although from time to time I do endeavor into the creation or overhaul of articles (as I did with the section on China in the article "List of Active Separatist Movements in Asia", or when I created the article on Lewis S. Mills). Here I hope to improve some of the transcriptions where possible.

Since I am quite new here, please feel free to talk to me on my userpage if (although more probably, when) I do something wrong or there is something to discuss.