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Welcome to Quadell's copyright renewal checker. This tool searches the U.S. Copyright Renewals database for renewals filed between 1950 to 1977 (for materials first published between 1923 and 1949. This tool is currently in alpha—not even beta, yet—and it may completely fail without warning.

To use this, simply list you searches below, just like the example line. (One entry per line, and start each line with an asterisk. For authors, list like "Last name, First name.") Every so often (whenever I feel like it), I'll run the bot to put your results in the results section.

Alpha-testers: You may want to crosscheck the results with the Stanford's Copyright Renewal Database, although that tool only searches books.

Works to check[edit]

  • This is an example
  • Saint Joan


  • Saint Joan
2 matches.

Saint Joan: a chronicle play in six scenes and an epilogue. © 15Jul24, A800157. R83402, 17Sep51, The Public Trustee as executor of the L.W.T. of George Bernard Shaw, deceased. (E)


Saint Joan of Arc; born January 6, 1412, burned as a heretic May 30, 1431, canonized as a saint May 16, 1920. © 10Jun36, AI-21725; 25Sep36, A99252. Sir Harold Nicolson (Wr); 30Sep63; R322747.