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Come forth O scribes[edit]

Come forth O scribes of Scotland!,
Come forth such worthy band!
Come forth with such a' plenty,
The heratige of a land.

Though each effort individual
seem not such a greatertask
in present purpose so combined
they add up very fast.

Come forth O scribes of Scotland!, &c.

First, from such pages that are old,
Transcript what therein is hold;
Mark word each all as be it writ,
so page it is complete.

Come forth O scribes of Scotland!, &c.

Now second come others, checking o'er the work
So that of mistakes made, ne'er be any talk
Each line be so just corrected,
so for time be stood.

Come forth O scribes of Scotland!, &c.

Thirdly, such a' pages, now be recombined
and thus as one work presented fully lined.
Then it is listed, with doubts a' fled
and so by public read.

Come forth O scribes of Scotland!, &c.

Come not close, my lady[edit]

Come not close, me my lady,
come not close to me,
For brighter a' days are a wantin,
when you could e'er embrace to me.

Foul mist is in the airing,
and fever within it's air
Shutter yoursel' my lady,
For never upon you should this be.

Come not close, &c.

Within your own dwellin'
Keep yoursel' so well secure.
Protect your health my lady,
and lives of your family.

Come not close, &c.

Guard well now your father,
for aged he and mother be;
For fate may overcome them;
if partaketh foul mist do thee.

Come not close, &c.

Hold firm shutter'd my lady,
We a' shall see sun again,
But until e'er that embracen,
Come not close to me.

The Bogle o' the cards..=[edit]

Now I write so you may ken
And to others this missive sen'
In Edinburgh a house of books
Through which the learned looks
And amongst the books an index card'd there
of that held in that houses care.
And amongst the books and card lurk'd there
A bogle O' the cards.

It was in some tewntieh year now bare,
To with public, the books decided share,
The house in keeping with it's goal
Posted up many stories tol'
And mongst tales unatural given.
Of w'ere the came or be written.
But sensing now a chance came forth
A bogle O' the cards

The bogle knew well the prank to play
to make the cards reading astray
Bogle'd moved from card to card
And jumped the details twixt em hard.
And so one card for a book thus seen
altered by, for 'nother work umpteen
A bogle O' the cards.

Oh what distress! this could cause
And unwary scholar to the tawse.
But this scribe of said bogle ken
moved cards back ere they should have been
And knowing still wrote this account
So other knowing that there be no more about
A bogle O' the cards.