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Item Notes Evidence
leather jacket Moussaoui's bag s/w Photo 1
gold t-shirt Ultra Cool Daddy-O TSI Hurricane, wv, "xlge" Photo 2
black drawstring pants with wallet inside Jerzees 3XG Photo 3
Sweatshirt, XL, CSActive upper pocket has ISIC card application Photo 4
Hugo Boss gray t-shirt "Calvin Klean" left sleeve Photo 5
fleece insert for leather jacket Photo 6
synthetic fabric stiped robe (Islamic) no tags Photo 7
Jr United Home fashion black + gold towel Jubatus Bath $3.99 barcode, made in Pakistan Photo 8
Khaki/gold v-neck shirt Kagelun collection, Asian print on label, size 50 Photo 9
Cotton blue t-shirt Classic Apparel, size XL Photo 10
"Cotton" black t-shirt Size XL Photo 11
Cotton t-shirt White, Nike Air, Delta XL Photo 12
Red fleece short zip No pockets, CS Active, XL Photo 13
Navy-patterned cloth tube PI (rama minasari #927 Photo 14
Ciro sports jacket brown-blend, Citterio 42R Photo 15
Vest, no manufacturer brown-blend, 42R Photo 16
Cargo pants Roger Ventre Size 40 Photo 17
Ralph Lauren shirt polo, sailboats, XXL Photo 18
shiny green/gold slacks Bonanza, size 40 Photo 19
Horne Bros. lilac dress shirt drycleaning ticket 6-04-99 17" neck Photo 20
suit pants to #15, #16 36-34 Photo 21
Cotton blue t-shirt Classic Apparel, size XL, same as #10 Photo 22
Bonanza dress pants black, 40 Photo 23
No Fear t-shirt grey, no size, no label Photo 24
Beige cotton turtleneck Primark Essentials, made in Cambodia, XL, colours[1] Photo 25
Delta Nike Air t-shirt offwhite, XL Photo 26
Reebok Vneck gray shirt longsleeve, no size, Gr. Britain Union Jack flag Photo 27
Kaqelun shortsleeved top gray, size 54 Photo 28
black turtleneck no markings Photo 29
green stitching inside Photo 30
gray, black + white scarf w/ fringe Photo 31
Memphis Blues Cotton Boxers - M- made in pakistan Photo 32
red plaid boxers - M- made in pakistan Photo 33
navy cartoon network scoobydo boxers - M- made in pakistan Photo 34
black Primark Essentials turtleneck Made in Cambodia Photo 35
maroon pair of socks x Photo 36
black crochet head covering Islamic Photo 1


  1. Note that the non-American spelling of colour is underlined

I am proud to stand here before you today, and tell you that Eidola's recent war with the Krath Pirates has come to a close, with Eidola victorious again. Humbled by their loss of territory, Krath leader Frezt Raleigh approached me this afternoon to formally turn over one of his prized systems in the Kathol sector, to stem Eidola's continued assault against his larger holdings.

Originally asked to cede control of a system in the Kathol sector for use as an Eidola supply base, the Krath pirates defied Eidola's request. As a result, Eidola Quartermasters from Sevarcos, Marlavir, Ison and Vionix convened an immediate war council and resolved to attack the nearby Kathol sector until Krath forces offered their surrender.

As the Eidola brigands landed on Shintel and began fortifying their positions, Krath originally scoffed and dismissed their attempts as immaterial. The following day, Eidola sent a force of cutlass-wielding diplomats to visit local politicians and they immediately renounced their allegiance to Krath, plunging the planet into anarchy overnight.

Taking advantage of their foreknowledge, Eidola crews snuck over to the remaining Krath city and built three new cities on each side of it, effectively boxing it in and isolating it from any possible assistance. In addition, one of the Krath commanders who had been organising ground defences against the Eidola invasion announced his defection and joined Eidola. Only a week after the initial council had voted to go to war, already the tide was turning in Eidola's favour.

By the time Krath was able to retake control of their key planet, hundreds of residents loyal to the Eidola force had begun moving into skyscrapers their pirate overlords were constructing for them. When local polls showed that 51% of the population preferred the new Eidola rule to the old Krath regime, I sent a final warning to the leader of Krath that he had to turn over a Kathol system to Eidola within 48 hours or further attacks would begin against other Kathol holdings in neighbouring sectors.

Bowing to the growing pressure as two new Eidola warlords brought their own fleets to bear on the faltering planet, Lord Frezt Raleigh agreed to turn over the system of Corjain to exclusive Eidola control in exchange for having the security of Shintel assured. Being a reasonable pirate queen, I conceded and the deal was formalised this evening.

This marks another successful completion in Eidola's "Year 9 Initiatives" which involved securing foothold systems in the southern sectors where they did not already have a solid presence. The capture of Corjain in Kathol, Ison in Churba and Alisandor in Tapani puts Eidola almost perfectly on schedule as we begin to focus our eyes on the three remaining sectors.