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Welcome, you will notice all the works I have added are from the Popular Science collection; I enjoy adding esoteric works chiefly - since the tremendously insightful and well-researched articles are sadly about twenty pages long, while the quirky and esoteric ones are about five pages long. But if you find a particularly interesting work, no matter the length, I am willing to help you proofread it since it gives me the opportunity to read it! :)

"The centralization of the Federal Government, which set in so irresistibly with the civil war...
...wield[s] an authority over the individual far in excess of the fears of the fathers.
The Despotism of Democracy

Main selections[edit]

Government Religion Marriage
  1. On the Comparative Stupidity of Politicians
  2. A Survival of Torture‎
  3. The Despotism of Democracy
  4. Mediæval Instruments of Torture
  5. The Tyranny of the State
  6. An Object Lesson in Social Reform
  7. Peace as a Factor in Social and Political Reform
  8. Reversions in Modern Industrial Life
  9. The Real Problems of Democracy
  10. Politics as a Form of Civil War
  11. A State Official on Excessive Taxation
  1. The Convent of the Capuchins
  2. Catholicism, Protestantism, and Suicide
  3. The Spanish Inquisition as an Alienist
  4. The Yezidees, or Devil-Worshipers
  5. The Meaning of Easter Eggs
  6. Preparation for the End of the World
  7. Religious Ideas of Savages
  8. Ancient and Modern Ideas of Hell‎
  9. Is the Christian Religion Declining‎
  10. Religious Suicides‎
  11. The Dread of the Jew
  12. Holy Stones of the East and the West
  13. Was This the Tower of Babel?
  14. Religious Notions of Gypsies
  1. Marriage and Kinship Among the Ancient Israelites
  2. Survivals from Marriage by Capture
  3. An Esthetic View of Polygamy‎
  4. Legal Limitations of Marriage
  5. Marriage of the Dead
  6. About the Wedding-Ring
  7. Theories of Primitive Marriage
  8. Are Marriage and the Family in Danger?‎
  9. Chinese Marriage Customs‎
  10. On Polyandry
  11. Earrings that Denote Widowhood
  12. Curiosities of Marriage
Childrearing War Law and Order
  1. Barbarism in English Education
  2. Limits of Parental Discipline
  3. State Usurpation of Parental Functions
  4. Excessive Schooling
  5. The Savagery of Boyhood
  6. The Health of American Girls
  7. When Should Children Be Held Upside Down?
  8. Measuring the Horsepower of That Baby of Yours
  1. Fighting Off Aviators with Shotguns
  2. First Actions of Wounded Soldiers
  3. Shooting at Jupiter
  4. Jefferson Davis's Camel Experiment
  1. Is Crime Increasing?
  2. Look Out Perhaps the Man You're Talking to Wears a Detectaphone
  3. Indicator Tells Pursuing Police Speed of Automobile

Health and Hygiene Race studies &c,&c, &c
  1. Why do our teeth decay so fast
  2. Bathing in Your Trunk
  1. Sanitation among the Negroes
  2. Negroes Who Owned Slaves
  3. Anglo-Saxon Superiority‎
  4. Two Ancient Races
  5. The Crossing of the Races
  1. Are Cemeteries Unhealthy?
  2. Lo, the Soya Bean! A Substitute for Meat, Fish and Fats
  3. Sketch of Averroes (Ibn Rushd)
  4. The Revival of Witchcraft
  5. Inherited Memories‎
  6. This Automobile Signal Takes Place of Your Hand When Rounding a Corner
  7. The Beaver Eater
  8. Tolstoi's Astronomy
  9. The Celibate Women of To-day
  10. Origin of the Arab Horse
  11. Why a Woman Can Outtalk a Man
  12. A Hallowe'en Chamber of Horrors

Other selections[edit]

  1. Politics and Spoil